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How to Design and Deliver an Authentic Course in Multicultural Education

Images of Sage Authors William A. Howe and Penelope L. Lisi

  • Speakers: William A. Howe and Penelope L. Lisi
  • Date: Nov. 2023

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There is a growing need to prepare teachers to work with diverse populations of students in a way that is not just theoretical, but readily applicable. Yet multiple studies have shown that far too few college-level education classes are preparing students to be authentic multicultural educators.

Sage authors William A. Howe and Penelope L. Lisi, each who have taught multicultural education for over 30 years, will reflect on their experience and outline the critical aspects in both creating and teaching these courses.

Bridging Leadership Skills to Organizational Culture Design

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  • Speakers: Tony Middlebrooks, Mindy McNutt, and Scott Allen
  • Date: Oct. 2023

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Teaching leadership focuses on the individual student, yet organizational success is often dependent on culture – the way we do things around here and how it feels. What leadership skills or mindsets will help leaders design a culture? 

Join authors from the textbook Discovering Leadership, Mindy McNutt, Scott Allen, and Tony Middlebrooks as they interview guest experts Kathy Allen, Sherylle Tan, and Reo Watanabe, on skills to foster culture.