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Advances in Visual Methodology

Advances in Visual Methodology

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June 2012 | 288 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
Sarah Pink draws together in a single volume a set of key writings on advances and explorations that sit at the innovative edge of theory and practice in contemporary visual research. Advances in Visual Methodology presents a critical engagement with interdisciplinary practice in the field of visual research and representation, examining the development of visual methodology as a field of interdisciplinary and post-disciplinary practice that spans scholarly and applied concerns. The book explores how new practice-based, theoretical and methodological engagements are developing and emerging in research practice; the impact new approaches are having on the types of knowledge visual research produces and critiques; the ways visual research intersect with new media; and the implications of this for social and cultural research, scholarship and intervention.

Sarah Pink
Advances in Visual Methodology: An Introduction
Andrew Clark
Visual Ethics in a Contemporary Landscape
Lydia Martens
The Politics and Practices of Looking: CCTV Video and Domestic Kitchen Practices
Jon Hindmarsh and Dylan Tutt
Video in Analytic Practice
Elisenda Ardévol
Virtual/Visual Ethnography: Methodological Crossroads at the Intersection of Visual and Internet Research
Cristina Grasseni
Community Mapping as Auto-Ethno-Cartography
Sarah Pink
Visual Ethnography and the Internet: Visuality, Virtuality and the Spatial Turn
Francesco Lapenta
Geomedia-Based Methods and Visual Research. Exploring the Theoretical Tenets of the Localization and Visualization of Mediated Social Relations with Direct Visualization Techniques
Maggie O'Neill
Ethno-Mimesis and Participatory Arts
Christina Lammer
Healing Mirrors: Body Arts and Ethnographic Methodologies
Roderick Coover with Pat Badani, Flavia Caviezel, Mark Marino, Nitin Sawhney, William Uricchio
Digital Technologies, Visual Research and the Non-Fiction Image
Marcus Banks
An Anthropologist in the Film Archives: Interdisciplinary Approaches
Susan Hogan and Sarah Pink
Visualizing Interior Worlds: Interdisciplinary Routes to Knowing
Luc Pauwels
Contemplating the State of Visual Research: An Assessment of Obstacles and Opportunities

This is a book about research that takes the challenge of the internet seriously, that rises above disciplinary difference and points to new directions for social research
Rob Walker
University of East Anglia

A stunning collection of cutting-edge essays which brings together the leading scholars in visual research. Clearly structured, and written in an engaging and accessible style throughout, this invigorating work will be the 'must have' text for teachers and students of `the visual' across the arts, humanities and social sciences
Elaine Campbell
Reader in Criminology, Newcastle University

Sarah Pink's edited collection brings together a range of experienced researchers to share and exemplify their work with visual data in social research... The strength of the collection lies in the consistent combining of introductory material with evidence from authors' own research and reflexive critique of political and ethical issues arising from the work... Recommended reading for doctoral students and teacher-researchers who either intend to elicit visual data or just want to know why they won't.
Julian McDougall
Media Education Research Journal

Pink has put together a volume of essays on visual methodology with the task of "understanding and engaging not only with the newest and latest theoretical developments in our fields, but also with the ways these are co-implicated with technological developments and media practices" (Pink, 2012, p. 3)... The strength of these essays is the rigor with which they engage the concept of space and place, giving them enough detail to be useful not only for theory but also practice - or, put another way, to be useful in meaningfully breaking down theory, practice, and how they need to intersect for strong research.
Sara Martel
The Communication Review


What is distinctive about Sarah Pink’s Advances in Visual Methodology is the attempt to establish visual methodology as an interdisciplinary field of practice, while recognizing the interconnectedness of theory, technology and methods. [...] By advancing a process perspective, Pink and colleagues suggest that visual methodology is co-constructed in the research encounter, and constantly re-shaped in the everyday practices of researchers. But the foremost merit of this book consists of drawing connections between theoretical and technological developments, in such a way as to trace possible routes for visual methodology to bring forward new types of knowledge. 



Alice Comi
Design Innovation Research Centre, University of Reading

This book is stylistically coherent, generally concise and consistently interesting. I found it very useful in relation to my own research and in helping me gauge my own topographic location within present endeavours in visual methods. [...] I think this book represents a valuable contribution to the field, and one that has clearly been put together with a genuine concern for the health and future of visual methodologies.

Nathan Stephens Griffin
Durham University

The book is edited by an experienced visual ethnographer, written by an interdisciplinary group of interdisciplinary group of contributors, divided into five parts, and organised around carefully selected topics... Pink's Advances in Visual Methodologies considers and presses beyond the contemporary boundaries of visual research practice and is intended for an audience familiar with visual research techniques.

Roman R. Williams
Calvin College

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