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Mark F. Smith University of Lincoln, UK

Dr Mark F Smith is both an Associate Professor within the School of Sport and Exercise Science and Director of Education within the College of Social Science at the University of Lincoln, UK. Mark holds British Association for Sport and Exercise Sciences Accreditation for pedagogy (Teaching and Learning) having previously held it for over a decade for Sport Science consultancy activity. As a sport scientist with more than 25 years’ experience, Mark has worked with a wide range of performers and teams. He has published research in a range of leading international scientific publications and has been on International Editorial Boards for Sport and Exercise science-related research. As a qualified teacher, Mark has taught many aspects of sport science and research methods across a broad range of educational settings for over two decades. His previous textbooks in Research Methods in Sport and Golf Science have a global audience with the latter having been translated into six languages. He has been an external examiner and educational advisor at a wide range of educational institutions both at home and aboard.