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Biographical Research Methods

Biographical Research Methods

August 2022 | 232 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
Biographical data provide unique insights into social life, but they also pose some significant challenges for social science researchers. This book offers a systematic, flexible guide to using biographical narrative methods in your research project.

Drawing upon the authors’ own research, as well as case studies from a range of international contexts and disciplines, the book illustrates how biographical approaches can be tailored to different research questions and environments.

This book will help you to:
·       Navigate any complexities or missteps when undertaking real-world research
·       Apply your analytical and research tools to your research question
·       Choose the right research design for your project, whether single or mixed methods
·       Ground your understanding within diverse real-world research examples. 

Clear, adaptable, and applied, this is your definitive guide to working with biographical methods.

Chapter 1 Discovering biographical narrative research
Chapter 2 Theoretical approaches to biographical narratives
Chapter 3 Interview process and ethics
Chapter 4 Autobiographical Narrative Interview Method
Chapter 5 Narrative ethnography
Chapter 6 - Logical systems, qualitative comparative analysis, and quantitative coding
Chapter 7 Designing a project using biographical methods
Chapter 8 Mixed qualitative methods
Chapter 9 Mixed quantitative and qualitative methods
Chapter 10 Challenges ahead for biographical research

This book is a practical and thought-provoking account of the use of biographical methods in social science research. The case studies are useful for advanced students and researchers, and for anyone interested in how we tell stories about our lives.

Rachel Wicaksono
Head of the School of Education, Language and Psychology, York St John University

An accessible and lively text, drawing on numerous examples to demonstrate biographical narrative research in action. The fascinating and complex world of biographical research is presented in a highly accessible way. Students and researchers will learn a great deal from reading this before embarking on research projects with any degree of biographical focus. 

Candice Satchell
Director of Arts and Humanities Research Academy, School of Humanities, Language and Global Studies, University of Central Lancashire

Anchored in studies drawn from a wide variety of disciplines, Biographical Research Methods fills glaring gaps in the literature through balanced sympathetic consideration of a wide range of methodological approaches and its illumination of both established and innovative research techniques. 

Robert Miller
Emeritus Professor of Sociology, School of Social Sciences, Queens University

Narrative research in social science has come a long way since its urban life heyday.  Biographical Research Methods takes this forward, deftly focusing on concepts and techniques for analyzing the contours of personal experience.  Outstanding is a view to the context-specific whats and processual hows of biographical construction.       

Jaber F. Gubrium
Universities of Florida and Missouri

The book of Eichsteller and Davis is an extremely instructive and inviting guide for getting introduced into the social world of biography research. On the one hand, the book is an empirically grounded and unbiased “sociology of knowledge” of distinctive approaches in biography research). It lucidly contrasts different basic assumptions and their implications for concrete methodical guidelines and practical research activities. On the other hand, it is an integrative guideline for the whole arc of work in accomplishing the research act of unravelling the intimate relations between individual and society and for deciphering the features and problems of society and other collective entities as seen and experienced from the perspective of individual members of society and of other collective entities. -The book is written in an elegant and deliberate style of language and presentation; it makes you want to start your own practical research work in biography analysis.

Prof. Dr. Fritz Schütze
Institute for Social Sciences, Otto-von-Guericke-Universität Magdeburg

A great, incremental, up-to-date, accessible, comprehensive research methods text for any novice or experienced qualitative researcher contemplating narrative/biographical methods. I personally found this text invaluable for my own PhD - thanks

Mr David Gaylard
Department of Social Work, Chichester University
September 15, 2023

A supplementary book but a must for those who write their dissertations with the use of Narrative Inquiry.

Dr Dorota Werbińska
Linguistics, Pomeranian University of Słupsk
July 6, 2022

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