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Teaching Students With Gifts and Talents

Teaching Students With Gifts and Talents
A Practical Guide for Every Teacher

March 2006 | 120 pages | Corwin

Discover how you can meet the needs of the gifted and talented students in your classroom!

Students who are gifted and/or talented are known more for their contributions and potential contributions than any other group of students. Meeting the educational needs of these students, however, can be a tremendous challenge for those who teach them. In Teaching Students With Gifts and Talents, Bob Algozzine and Jim Ysseldyke offer educators helpful information for identifying gifted and talented students, and present effective instructional approaches-enrichment and acceleration-to ensure that these exceptional students are constantly challenged and engaged.

Highlights include:

  • A pretest and posttest to help readers assess their understanding of giftedness and how the needs of gifted and talented students are best addressed
  • Cognitive, academic, communicational, physical, and behavioral characteristics that are associated with high-ability learners
  • Effective instructional approaches and activities to keep gifted and talented students motivated and reaching ever-higher levels of achievement
  • Key vocabulary terms

A Practical Approach to Special Education for Every Teacher: The 13-Book Collection 
This collection equips educators with practical knowledge and methods that will help them to better engage students in exploring-and meeting-their fullest potential.

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About A Practical Approach to Special Education for Every Teacher
About the Authors
Self-Assessment I
Introduction to Teaching Students With Gifts and Talents
1.Which Students Do We Consider Gifted and/or Talented?
Federal Legislation

Varying State Definitions

Identification of Students With Gifts and Talents

2.What Characteristics Are Associated With Gifts and Talents?





3.What Should Every Teacher Know About Teaching Students With Gifts and Talents?
Enrichment Tactics

Acceleration Tactics

4.What Trends or Issues Influence How We Teach Students With Gifts and Talents?
The Evolving Concept of Giftedness

Moving Beyond Intelligence Tests

Tips for Teachers

5.Gifts and Talents in Perspective
6. What Have We Learned?
Key Points

Key Vocabulary

Self-Assessment II

Answer Key for Self-Assessments

On Your Own




Key features
  • Practical, accessible, research-based information and advice distilled from a highly-successful textbook
  • Numerous case studies
  • Practical, age-appropriate strategies for the classroom
  • Reflection/professional development exercises
  • Resources – books, articles, organizations
  • Linked to IDEA 2004

Sample Materials & Chapters

About the Series


Chapter 1

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