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Cases in Public Relations Strategy

Cases in Public Relations Strategy

Edited by:

August 2018 | 216 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc

Cases in Public Relations Strategy draws on original, real-world case studies to provide students with a strategic approach to meeting the needs of a client before, during, and beyond a campaign. Using the RACE (Research, Action Planning, Communication, and Evaluation) model, students explore successful contemporary campaigns and evaluate best practices in all major areas of public relations activity. This practical, client-oriented text shows students how to systematically evaluate and adapt to the needs of a particular client—whether big or small, global or local, for-profit or nonprofit—in order to launch the most effective campaign. Each case includes a brief introduction focused on fundamentals and core competencies, and all cases have been carefully selected to present a wide range of client types. In addition to the lessons from professionals in the case studies, a section on PR consulting and an appendix on advancing your PR career give students the knowledge and skills they need for success in the field.

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About the Editors
Burton St. John III and Diana Knott Martinelli
Preface: An Introduction to Public Relations Case Studies and Strategy
Chapter 1. Branding
“Amazing Things Happen When You Go West”: Raising Visibility, Interest, and Enrollment

Jami Payne Bower and Amber M. K. Smallwood
Growing the Pope’s Flock

Fred Cook
Mississippi, Believe It: Eleven Years and Moving Forward

Jesse McCraw
A Strategic View: Public Relations and Tech Startups: A Case of

Anna Klyueva
Chapter 2. Community Relations
Lights in the Night: Lanterns Make Community Connections

Adrienne A. Wallace
Success, Value, Advocacy: Building Awareness for Student Veterans of America on College Campuses

Christie M. Kleinmann
The Cleveland Foundation Centennial Campaign

Michael Murphy and Emily Foote-Huth
Chapter 3. Integrated Communication
The CLOROX® Ick Awards

Leslie Schrader, Whitney Press, and Fran Bernhards
The Optical Society’s Centennial Year Celebration: Reflecting a Century of Innovation

Rebecca B. Andersen and Tracy Schario
“Love Is Love” Wedding in Fort Lauderdale

Virginia Sheridan
Chapter 4. Financial Communication
Tax Amnesty 2015: Act Now. Get Right. Move Forward

Amanda Jo Stanley
Building Brand Equity to Attract Investment Dollars in Clean Technology

Arlene Guzmán Todd and Kate S. Kurtin
The Alcatel-Lucent Shift Plan: A Financial Turnaround Bolstered by Communications

Marisa Baldo, Wendy Zajack
Chapter 5. Issue Advocacy
Compassion & Choices and Brittany Maynard Help Create New Medical Aid-in-Dying Legislation in California

Heather J. Hether, Sean Crowley, and Toni Broaddus
Spreading Awareness of James W. Foley’s Legacy

Gemma R. Puglisi
Cut the Bait: Stop Overfishing Subsidies

Courtney J. Sakai
A Strategic View: Jazz With the Stars: Funding of K–12 Music Celebrated In DC

Mike Fulton
Chapter 6. Health Communication
Using the Lived Experience as a Powerful Advocacy and Awareness Strategy in Australia

Charles R. Harman and David Meldrum
Cedar Valley American Heart Association “Go Red for Women” Special Event

Gayle Pohl and Jeffrey Brand
Working With a Difficult Client: Examining the Tensions Experienced While Developing the Halo Syndrome Campaign

Lindsey B. Anderson, Melanie Morgan, Shavonne Shorter, and Brian C. Britt
A Strategic View: The Halo Campaign and Building a Positive Client Relationship

Lindsey B. Anderson, Melanie Morgan, Shavonne Shorter, and Brian C. Britt
A Strategic View: Donate Life Ohio Campaign: Save a Life. Be a Donor

Michele E. Ewing
Chapter 7. Crisis Communication
Boosting Pride in the Face of a Downturn in Whitesville, West Virginia

Geah Pressgrove and Julia Daisy Fraustino
Regaining Trust Amid a Crisis: Louisiana Office of Tourism and the BP Oil Spill

Dedria Givens-Carroll and John Deveney
Transparency in the Midst of a Budget Reduction

Peggy M. Rupprecht
A Strategic View: “Hurry Up, Then Wait”: Old Dominion University’s Crisis Communication Response to Crude Move-In Day Banners

Brendan O’Hallarn and Giovanna M. Genard
A Strategic View: Contrasts in a Crisis: Fact-Based Traditional Media Versus Emotion-Laden Social Media in the Midst of an Employee Strike

Maureen Schriner
Chapter 8. Further Views In Public Relations Strategy
Make 90 Seconds Last a Month: The Story of the 84 Lumber Super Bowl Commercial

Steve Radick
One Company’s Quest for Quality: From Baldrige to Lean Six Sigma

Koji Fuse, George Bowden
Addressing Internal Communication at the U.S. Embassy in Kigali, Rwanda

Bond H. Benton
Tenneco Builds Employee Engagement Through Recognition

Keith Burton
Beating the “Big Three”: Publicizing Fox TV Network’s 1987 Debut

Jack Breslin
My Press Needs Challenge: Creating a Brand in a Mature Market

Allison Weidhaas
A Strategic View: #Whatididinstead: A Social Media Rather Than Social Norms Approach to Curb Teen Drinking

Kimberly Field-Springer
A Strategic View: Driving Behavior Change Through Public Relations: How Earned Media Lead Consumer Decision Making About Medicare

Mark Weiner
Robert S. Pritchard and Cylor Spaulding
Appendix: Consulting 101


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  • Editable, chapter-specific PowerPoint® slides offer complete flexibility for creating a multimedia presentation for your course.
  • Sample course syllabi for semester and quarter courses provide suggested models for structuring your courses.
  • Multimedia content includes third-party video, audio, and web links that appeal to diverse learners.
  • Chapter and Case Summaries summarize key concepts and cases by chapter to help you prepare for lectures and class discussions.
  • Case Study Resources includes a resource guide for instructors teaching the case course the first time, links to award-winning cases, chapter activities, and sample long-term projects students can undertake to facilitate a deeper exploration of public relations.
Student Site
  • Chapter and Case summaries reinforce the most important material
  • Mobile-friendly practice quizzes allow for independent assessment by students of their mastery of course material.
  • Multimedia content includes third-party video, audio, and web links that appeal to diverse learners.
Key features
  • 30 original, contemporary case studies drawn from the real world Introduce key concepts and skills in Public Relations. 
  • A focus on strategic areas within the profession (heath communication, issue advocacy, etc.), rather than skill-sets, demonstrates how various strategies and tactics can be adapted to meet the needs of various clients.
  • An emphasis on strategy and strategic thinking, rather than individual tactics, prepares students for the realities of a PR career.
  • A unique client-oriented focus shows that Public Relations is not “one size fits all.” The selection of cases from a wide range of clients in core PR areas demonstrates the need for adjusting PR strategy for each client type.
  • RACE Pit Stop sections include discussion items, trend line information, and comments from professional observers that show students to integrate key findings from the case studies into their own PR work.
  • SAGE edge provides students helpful tools, including eFlashcards, practice quizzes, and more, in one easy-to-use online environment. 

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