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World-renowned collection of Shakespeare material published online

Marlborough. The world’s largest collection of prompt books from the Folger Shakespeare Library, Washington D.C., is now available online, providing theatre, literature and popular culture researchers unprecedented access to this unique collection in a digital format.

New text connects social psychology concepts to students’ lives through storytelling: SAGE Publishing releases Social Psychology

Addressing Harry Potter, Mean Girls, and other pop-culture references, the new text Social Psychology takes a storytelling approach to teaching the science of how people influence each other’s thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. Written by award-winning teacher-researchers Thomas Heinzen and Wind Goodfriend, the text is available now from SAGE Publishing.

“Each topic in this book is important because it is relevant to thousands, if not millions of people,” writes Heinzen and Goodfriend.

Deconstructing Barbie

Deconstructing Barbie
Using Pop Culture to Teach Sociology and Gender Courses

 image of Sage Author Robyn Ryle


Business Case - Allbirds


Case Study: Allbirds

Share this case study and activity with your students by simply copying and pasting the URL for this page into your learning management system (LMS).  

Explore the intersection of gender and psychology with The SAGE Encyclopedia of Psychology and Gender

As more public attention is drawn to those who are breaking the traditional gender binary, many wonder about the impact it is having—both on individuals and society at large. A variety of topics related to gender and psychology are addressed in The SAGE Encyclopedia of Psychology and Gender, recently published by SAGE. With nearly 600 entries by experts across a range of disciplines in four volumes, the text explores how gender affects society and individuals’ personalities, behaviors, worldviews, and more.