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Coordinating Community Responses to Domestic Violence

Coordinating Community Responses to Domestic Violence
Lessons from Duluth and Beyond

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August 1999 | 304 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc

This book provides a comprehensive guide to the development of a coordinated community response to domestic violence based on the internationally known "Duluth Model." Drawing from the experiences of practitioners, scholars, and researchers in the field, this book provides rich insights into the complexities and challenges of addressing domestic violence. Eight key components of a successful community intervention project are addressed in separate chapters:

- Developing policies and protocols

- Enhancing networking among service providers

- Building monitoring and tracking systems

- Developing a supportive infrastructure for victims

- Providing sanctions and rehabilitation opportunities

- Addressing the needs of children

- Evaluating the effectiveness of community response

Other chapters discuss types of violence that have been most difficult to address in providing a community response, the use of violence by women, and marital rape. Replication and adaptation in different countries (England, Australia, and New Zealand) are the focus of two chapters that lend an international perspective. This book provides the answers about what is indeed the "Duluth Model."

Ellen L Pence and Melanie F Shepard
An Introduction
Developing a Coordinated Community Response  
Ellen L Pence
Some Thoughts on Philosophy
Ellen L Pence and Coral McDonnel
Developing Policies and Protocols
Denise Gamache and Mary Asmus
Enhancing Networking Among Service Providers
Elements of Successful Coordination Strategies  
Dennis R Falk and Nancy Helgeson
Building Monitoring and Tracking Systems
Melanie F Shepard
Advocacy for Battered Women
Implications for a Coordinated Community Response  
Fernando Mederos
Batterer Intervention Programs
Past and Future Prospects  
Martha McMahon
Undoing Harm to Children
The Duluth Family Visitation Center  
Melanie F Shepard
Evaluating a Coordinated Community Response
Shamita Das Dasgupta
Just Like Men? A Critical View of Violence by Women
Kersti Yllö
The Silence Surrounding Sexual Violence
The Issue of Marital Rape and the Challenges it Poses for the Duluth Model  
Roma Balzer
Hamilton Abuse Intervention Project
The Aotearoa Experience  
Robyn Holder
Pick 'n Mix or Replication
The Politics and Process of Adaptation  
Ellen L Pence

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