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Evaluation in Practice Series

New titles in the series:


About This Series

This series of concise, practical books (approximately 200 pages) offers readers the opportunity to delve into a specific evaluation issue or topic with focus, depth and complexity.

Each book includes:

  • An editor’s overview provides a rationale for why the book is included in the series and that situates the book within the larger series.
  • A book author introductory note that orients readers to the topic.
  • An emphasis on practice that specifically examines application in practice and includes examples from practice.
  • Further reading sources about the issue to provide a broader context for its understanding.

Note from Series Editors Christina Christie and Marvin Alkin:

We are honored to serve as Series Editors for SAGE’s Evaluation in Practice Series. This series serves two very important purposes. First, faculty from across the disciplines use the volumes as supplements in their graduate and advanced undergraduate courses. Second, graduate students, faculty and practitioners use the volumes as routes into the evaluation literature on theoretical, technical and practice issues. As series editors, we would like to recruit authors who would like to write on new and timely topics of value to professionals and academics. We will work with authors to offer advice, encouragement and critical feedback on ideas and proposals for contributions to the series. We welcome your inquiries, comments and suggestions about how to make the series a strong contribution to the evaluation field and literature. 

Interested in writing a volume for this series?

If you have an idea for a volume on a topic that you feel is missing from the series, please submit a brief outline to Helen
, Christina Christie, and Marvin Alkin. For advice on putting together a prospectus for a new volume, please download our proposal guidelines.

Other titles in development:

  • Veronica Smith: Data Dashboarding for Program and Performance Improvement
  • Laura Peck: Evaluation Design for Program Improvement
  • Marc Braverman: Validity and Decision-Making in Program Evaluation
  • Jill Anne Chouinard and Fiona Cram: Culturally-Responsive Approaches to Evaluation
  • Beverly Parsons and Katie Winters: Systems-Oriented Evaluation
  • Debra Rog: Enhancing the Evaluability of Programs