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Emotional Well-being for Children with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities

Emotional Well-being for Children with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities
A Guide for Practitioners

October 2012 | 184 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

This practical guide details the strategies that practitioners can use in their setting to build better outcomes for children with Special Educational Needs (SEN) and disabilities. A clear rationale is outlined that highlights how many factors outside of the child's control can be addressed to minimize the risk of longer term mental health problems and social exclusion. Case studies, points for practice and questions for reflection are used to explore the principles around working with children with a range of disabilities including:

  • ADHD
  • Dyslexia
  • Visual Impairment
  • Autism

Written by an experienced teacher and educational psychologist, this text carefully considers the existing evidence base surrounding emotional well-being and positive psychology before outlining the practical implications for the classroom. This book will guide practitioners in implementing strategies to pro-actively promote emotional well-being for children with SEN in their settings.

Emotional Well-being and Children and Young People with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities
Emotional Well-Being and Disability
The Evidence Base: The Contribution of Positive Psychology
Implications for Classroom Practice
Promoting Independence
Removing Barriers to Engagement and Supporting Capability
Towards Belonging
A Guide for Parents

'Gail Bailey does a huge service for the emotional well-being of children with special educational needs with the publication of this book. Profoundly practical and positive, Bailey's work helps build more flourishing futures for children with special educational needs through encouraging our affirmative focus on what is working and what they can do well'
-Dr. Alex Linley, Director, Centre of Applied Positive Psychology

'The author draws upon her personal experience and academic research into the wellbeing of children and young people with visual impairements, highlighting key principles for practice and then applying these to case studies to good effect'
SENCO Update

'This is a well written and very well presented book. Aimed at teachers and other educational professionals, it is peppered with useful case studies and examples'


If you read one book as the parent or teacher of a child with additional needs or a disability make it this one!

This book has done what others promise to do but don't deliver, it offers a magical understanding of very unique youngsters. From the moment I started reading I felt the relief that comes with the practical suggestions and strategies, the insights have given us as a family a different perspective on supporting the Emotional Well Being of our little person. Put simply this book offers those living and working with disabled children and young people an understanding of the world they live in and the challenges they face. But perhaps more importantly it offers young people and children living with disability a voice. We have bought our little one many gifts over the years however reading this has probably been the best gift we could offer her - it has given her parents who are now able to see the world she lives in and truly support her different and magical journey through life.

Dr Bailey thank you!

Amazon Reviewer

This book would be especially useful for teachers in charge of personal, social and emotional aspects of the curriculum.

SEN Magazine

This is a detailed, intelligently written book. The use of professional language may make it inaccessible to those coming to it with no prior knowledge. On the other hand, it reminds the reader of their professional status and the pleasure of being addressed as a sentient human being. For those who want to learn more about the complex emotional nature of special educational needs and to do something about it, I highly recommend this book.

Cate Wood, Former SENCO and Director of ECM
Special Children

"This book provides an initial overview of research into the relationship between disability and emotional wellbeing, and into the role of positive psychology in addressing identity, self-worth and locus of control."
-George Murray

George Murray
Consultant Clinical Psychologist
Learning Disability Practice Volume 16 Number 1

For the specific module I am running the students require further information related to SEN policy and law which is not really coved in that much detail in this book.

Miss Rebecca Bolan
Education, Carshalton College
September 4, 2013

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