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Globalization and Crime

Globalization and Crime

Third Edition

December 2019 | 320 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

Now in its third edition, Globalization & Crime provides students with a comprehensive overview of the essential themes and conceptual debates surrounding globalization and global criminology. It examines established topics such as human trafficking and smuggling, migration and organised crime. But also explores modern issues such as the refugee crisis in Europe, cyber-hacking and enforcement, and the failure of Internet Service Providers to take responsibility for online content.

The third edition has been significantly updated with new content and examples, along with modern case studies, such as the political context surrounding the development of ISIS, organ trafficking, and an anti-globalization backlash in the UK and US. It also features two new chapters: ‘Global Ecological Destruction’ – An investigation into the development of environmental criminology, and ‘Towards a Cosmopolitan Criminology?’ – An overview of the possibilities for establishing a global criminology and coverage of the emerging issues to consider for the future.

Ideal reading for undergraduate and postgraduate students of criminology, globalization and sociology.

1. Crime, Fear and Social Exclusion in the Global Village
2. Global Mobility and Human Traffic
3. Urban Criminology and the Global City
4. The ‘Deviant Immigrant’: Migration and Discourse about Crime
5. Global Security and the ‘War on Terror’
6. (Dis)Organised Crime and Global Governance
7. Beyond the State: Globalization and State Sovereignty
8. Controlling Digital Environments
9. Global Ecological Destruction (with D. Rodrigues Goyes)
10. Criminology between the National, Local and Global
11. Towards a Cosmopolitan Criminology?

This path-breaking book continues to provoke the mind, stir the conscience and stimulate engagement. It invites us to critically consider global community and crime in the context of power, inequality, resistance and hope. A must read.

Rob White
University of Tasmania

Excellent discussion of global issues for a subject where literature still remains to based on national issues.

Mr William Hughes
School of Social Sciences, London Metropolitan University
February 8, 2020

For the module global criminology
Wide ranging current topics,

Miss marie bradwell
Children and Young People, University of St Mark And St John
February 6, 2020

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