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How to Think

How to Think
Your Essential Guide to Clear, Critical Thought

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August 2021 | 160 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

This is a book about thinking. Engaging and down-to-earth, it captures the habits and practices that are fundamental to clear thinking and effective study.

In his warm and friendly style, Tom Chatfield shows you how to: 

  • Identify and examine your biases
  • Engage in lively, curious skepticism
  • See the value in emotion and use rhetoric persuasively
  • Know when to say 'I don't know'
  • Construct reasoned arguments and explanations
  • Think critically about how you engage with technology. 

Short and punchy, the book views critical thinking as a skill to be continually practiced and developed. It equips you with a toolkit for clearer thinking, describing ten key concepts that help you to apply what you have learned. Including regular reflective exercises, key concepts, further readings, each chapter also offers recommendations for how to put the ideas it discusses into practice.

This book is for undergraduate students and anyone looking to understand the core ideas behind critical thinking. Celebrating both self-reflection and collaboration, this book empowers you to pause, think twice and, above all, think well.

Introduction: Thinking about thinking
Chapter 1: Attention and reflection: Building habits for better thinking
Chapter 2: Working with words: Close reading and clear writing
Chapter 3: The importance of assumptions: Examining what has been left unsaid
Chapter 4: Giving good reasons: The importance of arguing your case
Chapter 5: Seeking good explanations: Investigating the reasons behind things
Chapter 6: Creative and collaborative thinking: Finding a process that works for you
Chapter 7: Thinking about numbers: How not to lie with statistics
Chapter 8: Technology and complexity: The 21st-century context
Chapter 9: And finally...
A toolkit for clearer thinking: Ten key concepts


Critical thinking webinar

Watch the recording of How to Think for Yourself with Tom Chatfield and Alex Baratta. This webinar, hosted by JS Group, offers top tips on how to spot misinformation and engage critically with the world.

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