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Online courses that give practical skills for study, research and the workplace

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SAGE Campus online courses are self-paced and packed with engaging video, text and interactivities. The courses are designed to give practical skills that can be directly applied to study, research and the workplace. Find out more


Our courses

Critical Thinking: An online course


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This award-winning interactive course equips students with the skills and habits of critical thinking. It builds their reasoning, argument and analysis skills, improves their planning, research and writing habits, and helps them develop transferable skills for their future career.




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How to Get Published


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Free introductory course for academics and researchers who have written a paper that they are looking to get published in a journal.




Data science courses

Suite of online data science courses that give social scientists the skills to work with big data and new computational methods.


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Introduction to Python


Perfect for beginners, this course will teach you the fundamentals of Python programming through taught materials and practical examples.


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Intermediate Python Skills


Gain the skills you need to manipulate and visualize a variety of data types using Python.


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Introduction to R


Gain the knowledge and skills you need to use R for social science research.


Practical Data Management with R course image

Practical Data Management with R

Learn how to use R to manage data in a wide variety of formats, in a reproducible manner, at scale.



Introduction to Text Mining course image

Introduction to Text Mining

Gain a conceptual overview of the text mining landscape and a foundational understanding of the analysis of digital textual data sets.


Fundamentals of Quantitative Text Analysis course image

Fundamentals of Quantitative Text Analysis

Learn how to analyze large amounts of textual data, at scale, using the R programming language.


Introduction to Data Visualisation course image

Introduction to Data Visualisation

Master the principles for transforming data into powerful visualisations, with a fresh, creative approach from Andy Kirk.


Interactive Visualization with R course image

Interactive Visualization with R

Learn the techniques and tools for presenting data in visually attractive and interactive ways using the R programming language.



Research Design in Social Data Science course image

Research Design in Social Data Science

Gain an understanding of the emerging field of social data science as a big data-driven approach to social science research.


Collecting Social Media Data course image

Collecting Social Media Data


Learn the essentials of collecting social media data and gain the skills to plan, gather and analyze social media data for your research.


Fundamentals of Data Science course image

Fundamentals of Data Science


Package of 10 courses for institutional purchase covering everything from an intro to the big picture of data science for social scientists and beginner programming to intermediate data management and analysis topics.




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