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Optimistic Teaming

Optimistic Teaming
Coordination Strategies for Tough Student Situations

October 2024 | 184 pages | Corwin

Uncover innovative and effective ways to confront challenging behavior

Complicated and intense student behavior often requires coordinated and powerful support, but that support need not be overwhelming or difficult to implement. Success with the most challenging students requires a team approach.

Optimistic Teaming is your ultimate guide to building and sustaining healthy interactions as teams working with challenging students. Drs. Ben Springer and Ben Belnap share humorous insights and critical strategies that help build successful school teams and rally those teams around your students. You'll discover how to:

  • Remain optimistic and coordinate the best response to even the most aggressive student behaviors
  • Identify the research and evidence base of leveraging optimism individually and in teams
  • Use principles of positive psychology to produce successful outcomes for students and educators alike

With this guide, you will discover the framework and strategies to not only remain optimistic, but make lasting, positive changes in the lives of students and their families.

About the Authors
Introduction: Heavier than Heavy
Chapter 1: Wicked Problems
Chapter 2: Optimism is Evidence-Based Practice
Chapter 3: The DNA of Optimism
Chapter 4: Team Dynamics
Chapter 5: PRISM Power to Fuel the Team
Chapter 6: Bringing it All Together
Conclusion: Catching Up with the Optimistic Teaming Hall of Fame
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Appendix F
Appendix H
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ISBN: 9781071933763