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Serving Educational Equity

Serving Educational Equity
A Five-Course Framework for Accelerated Learning

Foreword by Barbara R. Blackburn

May 2023 | 216 pages | Corwin

Connect theory to practice with this timely, comprehensive whole-child approach to accelerated learning. 

Planning for equitable accelerated learning is analogous to preparing a meal. Similar to a chef selecting the menu, gathering ingredients, and planning the occasion, educators choose aligned curricula to prioritize learning, organize and internalize instruction, and plan for opportunities to advance student learning.

Grounded in research and employing the Science of Learning Development (SoLD) principles, this book offers bold new thinking about unfinished learning, equity, and student success. The five-course framework guides educators through the process of

  • Assessing the current school conditions and mindset for acceleration versus remediation
  • Reflecting on empowerment
  • Surveying and reimagining curriculum
  • Understanding and embracing diversity and equity
  • Establishing and implementing effective foundational instruction
  • Promoting, expanding, and reflecting on student engagement

Including frequent opportunities for reader reflection, real-world vignettes, and tools that can be brought directly into the classroom, this book delivers everything educators need to adopt a whole-child approach to advancing student learning and engagement.

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Sonya Murray and Gwen Turner offer a comprehensive, culturally affirming, whole-child approach to accelerating learning that connects theory and practice vividly, with passion and compassion. This book is a must-read for educators and parents who are determined to support children’s lives and learning so that they not only survive, but truly thrive.

Linda Darling-Hammond, President
Learning Policy Institute, Professor Emeritus, Stanford University

This book presents an excellent step-by-step approach to a difficult concept and a clever, logical, go-to approach to integrating educational equity into teaching and student/family interaction. The use of scenarios helps teachers to relate to the discussions and approaches quickly. The format is accessible for an overworked teacher to pick up and implement quickly. With its many references and graphics, it will open new doors for those teachers who ‘knew’ that something was missing in reaching all their students. I recommend this book to all classroom teachers, administrators, and teacher educators; it is a rich accumulation of wisdom, experience, and logical thinking about a topic that is often misconceived or avoided.

Dr. Jacquelyn A. Lewis-Harris
University of Missouri—St. Louis, College of Education, Connecting Human Origin and Cultural Diversity Program

Serving Educational Equity supports educators challenged by disrupted student learning. This timely new book guides educators on their journey for educational equity. Murray and Turner successfully developed an accessible resource for teachers, instructional leaders, and coaches established on evidence-based research centered on equity-focused practices. Serving Educational Equity offers readers the tools and strategies for educator self-reflection needed for them to develop the mindset to ensure that all students can learn and achieve.

Dr. Karen I. Hall
Saint Louis University, School of Education

Serving Educational Equity is the book teachers have been looking for. It synthesizes all the best practices that are applicable to current teaching and learning while providing manageable explanations and connections across what may have been incorrectly perceived as unrelated concepts. Get ready to have all the dots connect!

Saundra Mouton
Briarmeadow Charter School, Barbara Bush Elementary

The book provides a ton of practical visuals and tools that leadership teams can use in their schools… a great guide for meaningful discussion and professional growth.

Dr. Jacie Maslyk
Instructional Coach and Consultant

This book would be an excellent choice as the foundation for a collaborative book study designed to strengthen teams of educators.

Lena Marie Rockwood
Revere High School

This book is a must-read for educators! In fact, it is one of the best education books I have ever read! The topic of unfinished learning through acceleration will provide you with the needed support for student success. Each phase includes valuable vignettes, many resources, and much more.

Dr. Ronda Gray
School of Education, University of Illinois at Springfield

Serving Educational Equity is essential reading for school personnel. The authors provide the strategies, research, tools and resources, based on their incredible experiences, to address the old chestnut—lost learning and student achievement. This will become your new school handbook!

Dr. Ken Darvall
Tema International School

Students and educators have been through some difficult times these past few years, which has given us an opportunity for educators to take a renewed look at their practice. This book provides the reader with a fresh perspective for rejuvenation.

Cathy Patterson, Retired Elementary Educator
Walnut Valley Unified School District

The book is highly comprehensive in covering the various aspects of teaching and learning that impact on equity and inclusion… It’s the kind of book you will come back to over and over again, getting different insights as you go through the questions at different times in your life.

Rachael Lehr
Dayton Primary School

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