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The SAGE Handbook of Sports Economics

The SAGE Handbook of Sports Economics

First Edition
Edited by:

September 2019 | 610 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

Sports economics is a well-established and dynamic area of study; a key component in the fields of sport management, sport science and sport studies, as well as in other areas of economics, finance and management. Covering amateur to professional sports, individual events and organised tournaments, this Handbook provides an authoritative contribution to the understanding of sport in the economy.

The editors of The SAGE Handbook of Sports Economics have brought together a global team of respected scholars to create this benchmark collection of insights into sports economics. Each chapter includes a study of a specific context in which issues arise in sports economics, a critical presentation of its main theoretical contributions, an overview of current research findings, and an outline of enquiry for future research. 

PART I: The Nature and Value of the Sports System and Economy
PART II: Amateur Sports Participation, Supply and Impact
PART III: Professional Team Sports
PART IV: Professional Sports Leagues
PART V: Sports Events and their Impacts
PART VI: Individual Sports
PART VII: Future Research

PART I: The nature and value of the sports system and economy
Paul Downward, Bernd Frick, Brad Humphreys, Tim Pawlowski, Jane Ruseski, & Brian Soebbing
Chapter 1: Introduction
Wladimir Andreff
Chapter 2: Origins and Developments of Sports Systems
Themis Kokolakakis, Chris Gratton, & Guenther Grohall
Chapter 3: The Economic Value of Sport
PART II: Amateur sports participation, supply and impact
Paul Downward & Christina Muniz
Chapter 4: Sports Participation
Jane E. Ruseski
Chapter 5: Sports Participation and Health
Tim Pawlowski & Ute Schüttoff
Chapter 6: Sport and Social Capital Formation
Michael Lechner & Carina Steckenleiter
Chapter 7: Recent Evidence on the Effects of Physical Activity on Human Capital and Employment
Fernando Lera-Lopez
Chapter 8: Private Household Consumption in Sport
Christoph Breuer, Philipp Swierzy, & Svenja Feiler
Chapter 9: Sports Clubs in Europe: Organisation
Pamela Wicker
Chapter 10: Volunteering in Sports Clubs and its Impacts
Kirstin Hallmann & Lea Rossi
Chapter 11: The Role of Money and Time Donations in the Supply of Amateur Sport
John J. Siegfried & Allen R. Sanderson
Chapter 12: The Economics of the National Collegiate Athletic Association
PART III: Professional team sports
Rodney Fort
Chapter 13: Economic Objective Functions in Team Sports: A Retrospective
Nicolas Scelles & Jean-François Brocard
Chapter 14: European Sports Leagues: Origin and Features
Oliver Budzinski
Chapter 15: Competition Policy in Sports Markets
Tim Pawlowski & Georgios Nalbantis
Chapter 16: Competitive Balance: Measurement and Relevance
Placido Rodriguez
Chapter 17: Economics of Attendance
Babatunde Buraimo
Chapter 18: Exposure and Television Audience Demand: The case of English Premier League Football
Brian P. Soebbing
Chapter 19: Ticket Pricing
Pascal Courty
Chapter 20: Secondary Ticket Markets for Sport Events
Stefan Kesenne
Chapter 21: The Economics of the Transfer Market
Mikael Jamil
Chapter 22: Team Production and Efficiency in Sports
James Reade
Chapter 23: Officials and Home Advantage
Dennis Coates
Chapter 24: Franchise Relocation and Stadium Subsidies
PART IV: Professional sports leagues
Daniel Weimar
Chapter 25: The Economics of Professional Soccer
Ian Gregory-Smith, David Paton, & Abhinav Sacheti
Chapter 26: Cricket
Pat Massey
Chapter 27: Rugby Union's Late Conversion to Professionalism: An Economic Perspective
Dave Berri
Chapter 28: "The Answer" and the Economics of Basketball: Perceptions vs. Production
Benjamin Blemings
Chapter 29: Economics and the National Football League
Anthony C. Krautmann
Chapter 30: The Baseball Players' Labor Market: An Update
Duane W. Rockerbie & Stephan T. Easton
Chapter 31: Economic Issues of the National Hockey League: A Survey of the Literature
Ross Booth & Robert Brooks
Chapter 32: Australian Rules Football
Nick Watanabe
Chapter 33: The Economics of Major League Soccer from the NASL to MLS: A brief history of North American professional soccer
PART V: Sports events and their impacts
Holger Preuss
Chapter 34: The Economic Impact Measurement of Olympic Games
Wolfgang Maennig
Chapter 35: Major Events: Economic Impact
Wolfgang Maennig
Chapter 36: Olympic Games: Public referenda, public opinion and willingness to pay
Eva Marikova Leeds
Chapter 37: Olympic Performance
Candon Johnson
Chapter 38: The Economics of Mega-Events: The impact, costs, and benefits of the Olympic Games and the World Cup
Marijke Taks & Nola Agha
Chapter 39: Economic Impact of Minor Sporting Events and Minor League Teams
Peter Dawson
Chapter 40: Participation and demonstration effects: "Couch potatoes to runner beans"?
Johannes Orlowski & Pamela Wicker
Chapter 41: Willingness to pay in sports
Pamela Wicker & Paul Downward
Chapter 42: Positive and negative externalities of sport events: From well-being, pride, and social capital to traffic and crime
PART VI: Individual sports
Bernd Frick, Katharina Moser, & Katrin Scharfenkamp
Chapter 43: Running
Julio del Corral & Carlos Gomez-Gonzalez
Chapter 44: Hitting the ball forward. The economics of racquet sports.
Daam van Reeth
Chapter 45: The Economics of Road Cycling
Stephen Shmanske
Chapter 46: The Economics of Golf
Joachim Prinz
Chapter 47: IRON(O)MICS: The Market for Long Distance-Triathlon
Peter Von Allmen
Chapter 48: NASCAR Economics
PART VII: Future research
Yulia Chikish & Brad R. Humphreys
Chapter 49: Behavioural Economics and Sport
Michael A. Leeds
Chapter 50: Is There a Gender Difference in the Response to Competitive Settings?
Rodney J. Paul
Chapter 51: Dynamic Pricing in Sports
David Forrest
Chapter 52: Sports Betting
Eugen Dimant & Christian Deutscher
Chapter 53: The Economics of Doping in Sports - A Special Case of Corruption
Bill Gerrard
Chapter 54: Performance Analysis

This Handbook contains over 50 chapters in seven parts, written by leading sports economists. Coverage includes the nature of the sports system, participative sports, professional team sports, professional sports leagues, international comparisons, individual sports and future research. Each chapter is very informative and up-to-date. All sports economists will want a copy of this volume on their shelves.

Peter Sloane
Professor Emeritus, Swansea University

This handbook contains timely and provocative contributions from leading scholars in the field of sports economics. The contributions span the structure and history of professional and amateur sports in Europe and North America and promises to be a useful guide to historical, current, and future research.

Craig A. Depken, II
Professor of Economics, UNC Charlotte

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