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Your Mathematics Standards Companion, High School

Your Mathematics Standards Companion, High School
What They Mean and How to Teach Them

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February 2018 | 536 pages | Corwin

Transforming the standards into learning outcomes just got a lot easier

In this resource, you can see in an instant how teaching to your state standards should look and sound in the classroom. Under the premise that math is math, the authors provide a Cross-Referencing Index for states implementing their own specific mathematics standards, allowing you to see and understand which page number to turn to for standards-based teaching ideas.

It’s all here, page by page:

  • The mathematical progression of each conceptual category, starting with modeling as a unifying theme and moving through number and quantity, algebra, functions, geometry, and statistics and probability, building from eighth-grade standards
  • The mathematics embedded in each conceptual category for a deeper understanding of the content
    How standards connect within and across domains and to previous grade standards, so teachers can better appreciate how they relate
  • How content standards connect with the standards for mathematical practice, with a focus on modeling as a unifying theme
  • Example tasks, progressions of tasks, and descriptions of what teachers and students should be doing to foster deep learning

Your Mathematics Standards Companion is your one-stop guide for teaching, planning, assessing, collaborating, and designing powerful high school mathematics curriculum in any state or district.


“Your Mathematics Standards Companion, High School: What They Mean and How to Teach Them completes the set of books designed to support classroom teachers in implementing College and Career Ready Standards for K–12. You will find an overview of both the content and practice standards as well as a detailed explanation of each standard including examples of classroom practice. As you use this book to help in planning and building your mathematics program it truly will become your planning companion!”

Linda Gojak, Past President
National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, Willowick, OH

“Your Mathematics Standards Companion, High School: What They Mean and How to Teach Them is a welcome addition to the series! Providing the connections for the standards within the grade level, below grade level, and across conceptual categories helps teachers better plan supports for student learning. Using the series with districts helps to paint the whole K–12 picture when planning curriculum and opening the doors of communication across the grade levels.”

Michele Mailhot, Mathematics Specialist
Maine Department of Education, Augusta, ME

“Finally, Your Mathematics Standards Companion is available for high school! The attention this volume brings to modeling and leveraging technology will be extremely valuable, and the focus on student misconceptions and common mistakes will help teachers create classroom communities that use misconceptions and mistakes as opportunities for student learning. Overall, the book provides multiple opportunities to deepen teachers’ understanding of their state standards and their ability to bring those standards alive in their classrooms.”

Cathy Martin, Director of PreK–12 Mathematics
Denver Public Schools, Denver, CO

“I like how this book gives specific advice for each standard on what teachers can do to support student learning and what students do to demonstrate mastery of a standard. There are clear teacher moves outlined in the text, along with questions and examples that encourage the teacher to reflect on their work and what they see from students.”

Brian Shay, Math Teacher and Chairperson
Canyon Crest Academy, San Diego, CA

“High school mathematics standards are daunting to wade through. This book is a lifesaver for teachers to quickly identify vertical alignments and efficiently discuss what students should be thinking at every step along the way. The bullets for “What the Teacher Does” and “What the Students Do” are great for identifying key learning goals and experiences to build lessons around, and provide insight into potential misconceptions.”

Mary Velez, Math Teacher
Roy C. Ketcham High School, Wappingers Falls, NY

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