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Angrosino, Michael

Michael Angrosino

Methods, Oral History, History and Theory of Applied Anthropology, Rethinking … EducationPh.D., Anthropology, University of North Carolina-Chapel HillM.A., Pastoral Theology, St. Mary-of-the-Woods College …

Stange, Mary

Mary Zeiss Stange

My primary field of preparation is the history of Christianity … cross-disciplinary. In religion they include religion and culture studies, contemporary American religion, theology, religion and ecology, and feminist studies in …

Jason Josephson Storm

Religion as well as Chair of Science & Technology Studies at Williams … is an attempt to decenter received narratives in the study of religion and science. He is the author of The Invention of Religion in Japan …

Chakrabarti, Kunal

Kunal Chakrabarti

Delhi. Social history of religion is his primary area of research. His … Dr Kunal Chakrabarti is a professor of ancient Indian history at … Bengal, political ideas and institutions, and history of environment. His …

David N Livingstone

histories of geographical knowledge, the spatiality of scientific culture, and the historical geographies of science and religion. I am currently involved in writing a social history of climatic determinism from …

Reece Jon McGee

of culture and religion.  More specifically, he has conducted … authored Sacred Realms: Readings in the Anthropology of Religion, Second … He is currently Professor of Anthropology at Texas State University …