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The Pandemic Addiction Volcano

The opioid crisis has become a serious national crisis, and drug-related deaths now surpass that from vehicular accidents in America. The pandemic has become global with the June 2019 Drug Report revealing that the opioid crisis is much worse than we thought. As an instructor preparing students to deal with this national public health crisis, how are you preparing your students who will eventually be at the epicenter of this public health crisis? Research is increasingly emerging about the similarities between substance addictions and behavioral addictions. How do we, as a discipline, better prepare students for the future which will require a unique set of skills?

Join your colleagues for an engaging and interactive webinar with author of Addictions Counseling Today, Kevin G. Alderson.

This webinar will:
•    Review current statistics regarding drug-related deaths
•    Provide statistics regarding the prevalence of both substance and behavioral/process addictions
•    Outline the controversy surrounding behavioral/process addictions
•    Summarize the ways that counselors bring a unique contribution to helping addicted individuals

Wednesday, October 16, 2019, 12:00 PM PST/ 3:00 PM EST/ 8 PM BST