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A Modern Playbook of Digital Transformation

A Modern Playbook of Digital Transformation

First Edition

Marketing Theory

December 2019 | 312 pages | SAGE Publications Pvt. Ltd
In order for successful business transformation to occur, there’s an inner transformation that must happen. The innumerable professional forces that tug pell-mell from every imaginable quarter, need to be organized and personal demons exorcized or at least managed. 

This book takes you through the transformative journey of Dillon, the presumptive head of Digital in one of the world’s largest footwear manufacturers, his private and professional struggle and victory. This modern parable answers the quintessential question: What makes a leader great? 

Read the step-by-step digital transformation execution plan, complete with tools, artefacts, lessons, pitfalls to avoid and best practices from the industry. 

If you’ve ever wished for a book that didn’t shy away from delving into the ‘how’ of the execution journey, and while doing so took you on an enjoyable roller coaster ride, look no further. Grab this!

Foreword by Sarajit Jha
There’s No Such Thing as One Crisis
Tiny Steps towards Progress
Going Back to the Basics
What’s Digital after All?
Digital Augurs Well
Why Some Things Don’t Work Out
You Must Crawl before You Walk
Execution Journey Starts in Earnest
Safe Sailing towards Success
The Agile Philosophy of Delivery
Getting Down and Dirty
Transformation Isn’t Enough … for the Long Haul
The Best Three Years of Our Life
Key features

•  The book addresses one of the important reasons for failure of execution of digital transformation strategy: gap between strategy and execution.
•  It provides an explanation of technical concepts through easy to understand narration.
•  It successfully provides the artifacts and strategies required to persuade senior leadership on budget to adopt digital transformation.
•  It concludes the top must-use techniques and must-avoid pitfalls by authors’ own experiences as well as successful case studies.

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ISBN: 9789353285753