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Affordable Housing and Urban Redevelopment in the United States

Affordable Housing and Urban Redevelopment in the United States
Learning from Failure and Success

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Volume: 46

September 1996 | 304 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Bringing together the thoughts of leading academics and practitioners, Affordable Housing and Urban Redevelopment in the United States explores the lessons that can be drawn from the U.S. experience in providing affordable housing. This unique volume reviews recent developments in the United States regarding the provision of low-cost housing--in particular, the changing role of the federal government, greater responsibility of state and local government, increasing joint venture projects, innovative finance mechanisms, and the operation of the nonprofit sector. Contributors explore success stories and then identify common themes while highlighting salient questions. The volume's conclusion weaves together the strands developed in the individual case studies, examines criteria that define success, and considers opportunities for developing more effective policies and programs. Contributors follow a common format that makes this important volume easy to read and unique for practitioners and academics in urban studies, political science, and urban planning. "America's housing crisis is getting worse, but most politicians, journalists, and business leaders pay little attention to housing policy or take cheap shots at existing housing programs. This book not only helps explain why housing policy is not high on the national agenda but also offers some hope for new directions. These original, thoughtful articles help explain the fix we're in and how to fix it. This book should be on the shelf of every housing activist, urban planner, and policy specialist."

Avis C Vidal
Mary K Nenno
Changes and Challenges in Affordable Housing and Urban Development
Susan S Fainstein
Rachel G Bratt
From BURP to BHP to Demo Dispo
Lessons from Affordable Multifamily Housing Rehabilitation Initiatives in Boston

Norman Krumholz
The Provision of Affordable Housing in Cleveland
Pattern of Organizational and Financial Support

Lynda Simmons
Twenty Five Years of Community Building in the South Bronx
Phipps Houses in West Farms

Peter Marcuse
Lawrence J Vale
The Revitalization of Boston's Commonwealth Public Housing Development
Michael H Schill
Chicago's Mixed-Income New Communities Strategy
The Future Face of Public Housing?

Andrew White and Susan Saegert
Return from Abandonment
The Tenant Interim Lease Program and the Development of Low-Income Cooperatives in New York City's Most Neglected Neighborhoods

Holly Sklar
Edward G Goetz
Sandtown-Winchester, Baltimore
Housing as Community Development

Neal Richman and Allan David Heskin
The California Mutual Housing Association
Organizational Innovation for Resident-Controlled Affordable Housing

Mary E Brooks
Housing Trust Funds
A New Approach to Funding Affordable Housing

Willem van Vliet
Learning from Experience
The Ingredients and Transferability of Success


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