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American Democracy in Context

American Democracy in Context

First Edition
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January 2020 | 552 pages | CQ Press

Chapter 1: Democracy and American Politics
Government and Politics  
Democracy as a Form of Government  
Functions of Government  
American Values  
American Ideologies  
Comparative and Historical Contexts  
Consequences for Democracy  
Chapter 2: The Founding and the Constitution
The American Colonies  
Revolution and Independence  
The Articles of Confederation  
Starting Over: The Constitutional Convention  
The Constitution  
Ratifying the Constitution  
Amending the Constitution  
Consequences for Democracy  
Chapter 3: Federalism
Understanding Federalism  
The Constitutional Allocation of the Powers of Government  
Competing Interpretations of Federalism  
Early Precedents: National Supremacy Prevails  
The Resurgence of States' Rights  
The New Deal and the Rise of Cooperative Federalism  
The New Federalism and Beyond  
Consequences for Democracy  
Chapter 4: The Bill of Rights
The Bill of Rights  
The First Amendment Freedoms of Speech, Press, and Assembly  
The First Amendment Guarantee of Freedom of Religion  
The Right of Privacy  
The Rights of Criminal Defendants  
Consequences for Democracy  
Chapter 5: Civil Rights
Slavery in America  
Civil Rights for African Americans After the Civil War  
Aferican-American Civil Rights in the Twentieth Century  
Women and Equal Rights  
Discrimination Based on Ethnicity  
New Frontiers in Civil Rights  
Redressing Past Discrimination  
Consequences for Democracy  
Chapter 6: Public Opinion and Political Socialization
Public Opinion and Political Culture  
Political Socialization  
Group Differences in the United States  
How Public Opinion Changes  
How Ideologies Gain Their Structure  
How Public Opinion Is Measured  
Consequences for Democracy  
Chapter 7: Political Parties and Interest Groups
Defining Political Parties and Interest Groups  
The Development of American Political Parties  
The Structure of American Parties  
The Two-Party System  
Responsible Party Government  
Interest Groups in American Politics  
Interest Group Representation and the Organization of Public Opinion  
Consequences for Democracy  
Chapter 8: Nominations and Elections
The Development of Elections in the United States  
The Presidential Campaign  
Congressional Elections  
Electoral Systems and Their Effects  
Elections and the Representation of Women and Minorities  
Campaign Finance  
Consequences for Democracy  
Chapter 9: Participation, Voting Behavior, and Campaigns
Political Participation  
Voter Turnout  
How People Make Voting Decisions  
Political Campaigns and the Voters' Choices  
Party Polarization Among Voters  
Consequences for Democracy  
Chapter 10: Media and Politics
The Functions of Media  
Tracing the Development of Media in the United States  
Government Regulation of the Media  
Government and the Media  
Assessing the Media  
Consequences for Democracy  
Chapter 11: Congress
The Functions of Congress  
Constitutional Powers  
The Structure of Congress  
How Congress Operates  
Assembling Coalitions Makes Action Possible  
The Legislative Process  
Consequences for Democracy  
Chapter 12: The Presidency
Presidential and Parliamentary Systems  
The Evolving Job of President  
Public Approval of Presidents  
The Institutional Presidency  
Presidential Goals and Keys to Success  
Consequences for Democracy  
Chapter 13: Bureaucracy
Democracy and Bureaucracy in the United States  
Features of a Modern Bureaucracy  
The Checkered History of Bureaucracy in the United States  
The Complex Structure of the Federal Bureaucracy  
The Size of the Federal Bureaucracy  
The Search for Control  
Consequences for Bureaucracy  
Chapter 14: Judiciary
An Independent Judiciary Enforcing the Rule of Law  
An Overview of the U.S. Court System  
The Supreme Court in Action  
The Role of Judicial Philosophy in Decision Making  
Limits on the Supreme Court  
How Judges Are Selected  
Consequences for Democracy  
Chapter 15: Domestic and Economic Policy
Making Public Policy  
Health Care  
Social Security  
Energy and the Environment  
Economic Policy  
Consequences for Democracy  

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