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An Apple for the Teacher

An Apple for the Teacher
Computers and Work in Elementary Schools

June 1996 | 208 pages | Corwin
Take a look at the use of computers in classrooms from the teacher's perspective. Explore the best (and worst) ways to use computers in the classroom. Evans-Andris gives you models of the three basic computer-use styles teachers adopt. She helps you identify the ways your teachers use computers in their classrooms and shows how to support their best efforts to incorporate computers into teaching and learning. Find out how you can encourage teachers to use this new tool to enhance their teaching abilities, help augment their knowledge base, and boost their careers. Evans-Andris offers a thorough, systematic examination of how teachers react--and how teaching and learning change--when computers come into the classroom. She recommends strategies to help you: * Motivate your teachers to incorporate technology into their curriculum * Improve students' learning and performance * Shift responsibilities to computer coordinators * Support your teachers' efforts to use computers creatively and constructively * Guide your staff through the tricky changes that result from bringing in technology You'll learn how to focus teachers' efforts on integrating technology into their classes, manage your computer coordinator, and get everyone to work toward your shared goal of making technology count. Let the crucial information in this book help you lead your staff and students into the 21st century of learning.

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