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Amy Skonieczny San Francisco State University, USA

Amy Skonieczny is an associate professor at San Francisco State University in the International Relations Department. Her research interests include populism and foreign policy, narratives and U.S. trade politics, and the study of national identity and foreign policy discourses. She completed her PhD in political science at the University of Minnesota. Dr. Skonieczny is currently working on several projects on the rise of populism in the United States and its impact on U.S. trade policy. Her forthcoming chapter titled “Populism and Trade: The 2016 US Presidential Election and the Death of the Trans-Pacific Partnership” will appear in the volume Global Populisms edited by Dirk Nabers, Frank Stengel, and Robert Patman in the fall of 2018. She is a board member of the new journal Populism, co-editor of a forthcoming (2019) special issue in the journal, and participated in the International Studies Association 2017 Workshop on Populism in Baltimore, MD. She has also published articles on U.S. trade politics. Her most recent publications include “Trading With the Enemy: Narrative, Identity and US Trade Politics” in Review of International Political Economy (2018); and “Corporate Lobbying and Foreign Policy” (2017) in the Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Politics; “Playing Partners: Expectation, Entanglement, and Language Games in US Foreign Policy” (2014) in International Relations. Her reflections on her first publication “Constructing NAFTA: Myth, Representations and the Discursive Construction of US Foreign Policy” (2002) will appear in the forthcoming (2018) volume Tactical Constructivism as Methods: Expression and Reflection edited by Brent Steele, Harry Gould, and Oliver Kessler. She has also published in the journals Alternatives and International Studies Quarterly. Her complete list of publications can be found at her website (