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Cecelia Sheria Martin Maryland Parental Information Resource Center, John Hopkins University, USA

Cecelia Martin is associate director of the Maryland Parental Information Resource Center (PIRC). She takes leadership in providing technical assistance to school systems and schools to strengthen local programs and practices of family and community involvement. In her prior work with NNPS at Johns Hopkins University, Martin was senior program facilitator for the Military Child Initiative that assisted districts and schools to work more effectively with families in the military. She also conducted workshops and developed materials for state, district, and school leaders to build partnership programs for student success. She was coeditor of the NNPS Promising Partnership Practices 2007. Previously, Martin served in the U.S. Army Reserve and National Guard, was a high school teacher in the Baltimore City Public School System, has a background in special education, and was an assistant professor of English at Baltimore City Community College. She earned her MEd from Towson University and is pursuing a doctorate in educational administration at Howard University.