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Dawn Dee Miller SWIFT Education Center, Lawrence, KS

Dawn Miller, Ph.D. is Associate Director of Technical Assistance of SWIFT Education Center at the University of Kansas.  Her early career focused on creating local educational support processes that address student needs and support educators and families. This experience evolved into a role in statewide implementation of a problem-solving process and, ultimately, to her home state’s Multi-Tiered System of Support (MTSS) program.  As part of these efforts, Dr. Miller was on a committee that led state regulatory changes regarding Child Find and eligibility of children in the community for special education services, and helped to translate these changes into district procedures linked to MTSS.  She also had the opportunity to serve as a district team member leading the planning, staff development, implementation, and evaluation of MTSS.  Further, Dr. Miller is part of a national network of like-minded individuals and state agencies who share a vision for and systems approach to supporting student success.  She is most appreciative of the extraordinary educators with whom she has had the privilege to work in schools, districts, states, and nationally.  Together with them, she strives daily to support the notion of “all students – all systems.”