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Wylie, E.

Elizabeth Caroline Wylie Educational Testing Service, USA

E. Caroline Wylie is a research scientist at Educational Testing Service. She holds a undergraduate degree in Applied Mathematics and Physics, a postgraduate certificate in teaching mathematics and information technology and a doctorate in educational assessment, all from Queen’s University, Belfast.

Her current research addresses issues of the use of formative assessment to improve classroom teaching and learning. She has been involved in projects that are focused on the creation of effective, scaleable and sustainable teacher professional development. Related research projects have focused on the formative use of diagnostic questions for classroom-based assessment, and the impact that the sustained use of such questions have on classroom instruction and student learning. Current work includes an investigation of how learning progressions can be used to support formative assessment in mathematics. Several of these projects have been supported by large grants, for which she been the principal investigator or co- principal investigator.

Previous work at ETS includes serving as the lead ETS developer of the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards (NBPTS) certificates for middle and high school science teachers and elementary school art teachers.