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Stephen Garnet de Groot Myriad Consultation and Counseling and University of Manitoba

Stephen de Groot is a clinical and organizational consultant and author of the Relationship Based Strengths Approach (RBSA) (2003, 2013) for helping, the Empowering Social Workers Project (2006, 2010), and the Responsive Leadership Approach (2013) for Supervisors and Managers.

As an associate professor and sessional instructor, de Groot has taught in both BSW and MSW programs for seven years with the faculty of social work at the University of Manitoba. Stephen has worked with more than 200 organizations within the human services and corporate sectors and has provided support, education, and learning development to professionals working in child welfare, mental health, child and youth care, youth homelessness, addictions, justice, education, and health.

As an international trainer of more than 20,000 participants, de Groot has made it his mission not only to inspire people but to empower and equip them with knowledge and tools so that they may also inspire and transform themselves and those for whom they are responsible.

Stephen has occupied and continues to operate in a myriad of roles such as consultant, supervisor/manager, executive coach, trainer, author, and international speaker. Outside of his professional endeavors, Stephen continues to help others by devoting a great deal of his resources to giving and charity work. He is founder of the Getting to BetterTM Initiative and chair of the advisory board of a global kindness movement known as Life Vest InsideTM. De Groot also promotes and supports the great work of two important nonprofit organizations: See BeautifulTM and VOICES, Manitoba’s Youth in Care Network.