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Avoid Plagiarism

Avoid Plagiarism

First Edition
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November 2019 | 116 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
Need guidance on plagiarism and how to avoid it? Avoid Plagiarism makes understanding plagiarism simple, giving you the know-how to write confidently and independently.
  • Get clear guidance on exactly what plagiarism is 
  • Learn how to avoid unintentionally plagiarising the work of others
  • Find out how to correctly credit your sources.

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What do I need to know about plagiarism as a student?
Why is it important for me to avoid plagiarism?
What does it mean to study with integrity?
When do I need to credit my sources?
How do I credit my sources?
What are some practical ways to avoid plagiarism in my writing?
How can I use software to check my work for plagiarism?
Where can I get help from within my university?
How do I know I’ve understood how to avoid plagiarism?


A Super Quick Skills Video

Watch our Super Quick introduction to avoiding plagiarism in academic writing with author Thomas Lancaster.

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While I definitely recommend this book to other individuals in learning environments, I would recommend it to everybody who is in employment and/or in management positions. This is mainly because plagiarism might seem an academic-only issue, but the reality is that we can be faced with it in real life situations where it can result in financial losses and sufferings.

Violet Hejazi, Law student and Freelance Interpreter

Useful reinforcement of what is taught in lessons. Easy to follow and handy size to have in your bag for reference to whenever required.

Mrs Glynis Morgan
Childcare and education, Coleg Gwent
May 22, 2023