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Balance Screen Time With Green Time

Balance Screen Time With Green Time
Connecting Students With Nature

First Edition

October 2023 | 144 pages | Corwin

Harness the power of nature to nurture minds and hearts

Youth spend anywhere between four and nine hours on screens every single day. Meanwhile, a growing body of research shows how detrimental excessive screen time is on physical and mental health. The antidote?  Green time.

Written by bestselling author and science educator Emily Morgan, Balance Screen Time With Green Time gives teachers and school leaders practical, evidence-based strategies that seamlessly incorporate the restorative power of nature into the school day. Transform learning experiences and improve student and educator well-being with:

  • Research-based strategies that improve attention, engagement, pro-environmental behaviors, and mental and physical health while reducing stress
  • Dozens of easy-to-implement “green breaks”—short, invigorating experiences with nature—that help students and teachers renew and refocus throughout the school day
  • Stories of innovative educators who connect students with nature and offer meaningful ways to integrate green time while enhancing learning
  • A curated collection of resources to support educators of all grade levels, content areas, and school environments—urban, suburban, and rural

With green time, we have an opportunity to create a generation of students who are not only more connected to the natural world, but are also the environmental stewards our future so desperately needs. Balancing screen time with green time is an investment in student well-being, our collective future, and a healthier planet.

Section I: Green Time
Chapter 1: Benefits of Green Time
The Research

Balance Screen Time with Green Time

Green Time for All

Section II: Green Breaks
Chapter 2: What is a Green Break?
Attention Restoration Theory

Getting Ready for Green Breaks

Nature Journals

Know You Are Making a Difference

Chapter 3: Green Breaks (and Green Connections)
1. Befriend a Tree

2. Get to Know the Land You’re On

3. Meet Your Birds

4. Write Your Name with Nature

5. The Name Game

6. Write a Syntu

7. Hula Hoop Observations

8. Spiderweb Walk

9. Nature Sketches

10. Nature Scavenger Hunt

11. Shades of Green

12. Cloud Watch

13. Shadow Play

14. Rock Balancing

15. Catching Snowflakes

16. Leaf Rubbing

17. Symmetry Search

18. Looking for Shapes

19. Plant Something and Watch it Grow

20. Watching the Wind

21. Kaleidoscopes

22. Poem in Your Pocket

23. Nature Walks

24. Nature Stretches

25. Bring the Outdoors In

Choose Your Own Green Breaks

Section III: Green Educators
Chapter 4: Green Teaching
Green Projects

Cultivating Green Space at Your School

Helping Schools Connect with Nature

Incorporating Nature in Urban Schools

Chapter 5: Green Time for You
Green Time at School

Green Time at Home


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