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Black Women in America

Black Women in America

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November 1994 | 416 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Nominated for the 1995 Distinguished Publication Award of the Association for Women in Psychology A provocative, insightful volume, Black Women in America offers an interdisciplinary study of black women's historic activism, representation in literature and popular media, self-constructed images, and current psychosocial challenges. This new work by outstanding scholars in the field of race and gender studies explores the ways in which black women have constantly reconstructed and transformed alien definitions of black womanhood. Black women have an image of themselves that differs from those others impose. Collectively, the contributors to this anthology demonstrate that such socially constructed images hide the complexities and ambiguities, the challenges, and the joys experienced in the real lives of black women. Multifaceted in its approach, Black Women in America is certain to stimulate debate, stretch minds, and spark future research. Black Women in America is a welcome resource for scholars and students in African American or Ethnic Studies, Women's Studies, Sociology, and Psychology. "The volume can be helpful in stimulating questions and discussion for students in African American studies." --Choice "Black Women in America combines social history with contemporary analysis in one of the most thoughtful of scholarly compendia I have ever seen. It will be useful to scholars who teach history, sociology, African American studies, and women's studies, but also to any American interested in a deeper and broader understanding of America's past, present, and future." --Sarah Susannah Willie, Colby College, Maine "At a time when several anthologies of essays by and about black women are hitting the shelves, Kim Marie Vaz's volume boasts an unusual and inventive mix of topics. It treats a range of historical eras and geographical locations. . . . The apt emphasis on resistance rather than victimization is apparent throughout the essays I read; it provides an excellent focal point. . . . In all, Vaz's editorial contribution is admirable. She has collected an impressively wide-ranging group of essays on the history, sociology, and culture of black women. Interdisciplinary in its approach and sound in its scholarship, the volume will be welcomed by scholars and students in African American studies and women's studies in particular, but also history, sociology, and political science." --Cheryl Ann Wall, Rutgers University

Kim Marie Vaz
Black Women's Lives and Cultural Contexts

Barbara A Moss
African Women's Legacy
Ambiguity, Autonomy, and Empowerment

Shirley J Yee
Organizing for Racial Justice
Black Women and the Dynamics of Race and Sex in Female Antislavery Societies, 1832-1860

Dorothy C Salem
Black Women and the NAACP, 1909-1922
An Encounter With Race, Class, and Gender

Mary C Pruitt
Racial Justice in Minnesota
The Activism of Mary Toliver Jones and Josie Robinson Johnson

Deborah Brown Carter
The Impact of the Civil Rights Movement on the Unionization of African-American Women
Local 282-Furniture Division-IUE, 1960-1988

M Rivka Polatnick
Poor Black Sisters Decided for Themselves
A Case Study of 1960s Women's Liberation Activism

Joy James
Searching for a Tradition
African-American Women Writers, Activist, and Interracial Rape Cases

Baltasar Fra-Molinero
The Condition of Black Women in Spain during the Renaissance
Madelin Joan Olds
The Rape Complex in the Postbellum South
Bridget A Aldaraca
On the Use of Medical Diagnosis as Name-Calling
Anita F Hill and the Rediscovery of 'Erotomania'

Elizabeth Hadley Freydberg
Sapphires, Spitfires, Sluts, and Superbitches
Aframericans and Latinas in Contemporary American Film

Shirley M Geiger
African-American Single Mothers
Public Perceptions and Public Policies

Charles I Nero
'Oh, What I Think I Must Tell This World!'
Oratory and Public Address of African-American Women

Linda D Williams
Before Althea and Wilma
African-American Women in Sports, 1924-1948

Melanye White-Dixon
Black Women in Concert Dance
The Philadelphia Divas

Robin Roberts
Sisters in the Name of Rap
Rapping for Women's Lives

Bernita C Berry
Life Satisfaction and the Older African-American Woman
Aaron A Smith
Sisterhood among African-American Mothers of Daughters Addicted to Crack Cocaine
Gwynne L Jenkins
Appendix: A Brief Guide to Resources by and about African-American Women

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