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Becoming a Legendary Teacher

Becoming a Legendary Teacher
To Instruct and Inspire

February 2009 | 296 pages | Corwin

Leadership Solutions

"Freeman and Scheidecker are truly legendary teachers! I have used this book in my university teaching and shared it with numerous colleagues, teacher friends, and family."
—Ruth Reynolds, Teacher, Bradley Elementary School District, IL
Adjunct Professor, Olivet Nazarene University

"This is a book that I hope the teachers of my own children will read. The authors' documented experience and success will ignite a passion for teaching within you."
—Susan M. Chasteen, Art Instructor
Reed-Custer School District 209U, IL

Learn how extraordinary teachers inspire students and influence lives!

All teachers aspire to become that outstanding educator who inspires students and exerts an enduring, positive influence on their lives. This book examines what makes certain teachers so important to the futures of their students and shows you how to become one of these "legendary" teachers.

The authors demonstrate how educators can learn to recognize their own talents and skills, cultivate successful traits in their teaching, and translate those qualities into leadership in their schools. Presenting key characteristics of outstanding instructors, this inspiring resource includes techniques that all teachers can use to:

  • Convey high expectations for students
  • Create a well-organized and positive classroom environment
  • Motivate students to excel in an era of high-stakes testing
  • Communicate successfully with students, families, and colleagues
  • Stay passionate and motivated

Becoming a Legendary Teacher helps educators develop and refine their teaching skills to ensure that students want to learn and succeed.

Foreword by Mark Truckenbrod
About the Authors
1. Piecing Together the Personality Puzzle
2. Nothing Succeeds Like Success
3. Establishing High Expectations
4. Practicing Skillful Communication
5. Defining Instructional Protocol
6. Winning the Crowd
7. Understanding Practices and Assessments
8. Motivation
9. Motivating High Student Achievement
10. Recognizing and Promoting Excellence
11. Developing Powerful Classroom Management Skills
12. Epilogue: Becoming a Legend
Appendix I: Practical Instructional Advice
Appendix II: Homework Points to Remember
Appendix III: Create Your Own Personal Icon
Appendix IV: One Final Story

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