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Case Study Method

Case Study Method
Key Issues, Key Texts

First Edition
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December 2000 | 288 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
This is the most comprehensive guide to the current uses and importance of case study methods in social research. The editors bring together key contributions from the field which reflect different interpretations of the purpose and capacity of case study research. The address issues such as: the problem of generalizing from study of a small number of cases; and the role of case study in developing and testing theories.

The editors offer in-depth assessments of the main arguments. An annotated bibliography of the literature dealing with case study research makes this an exhaustive and indispensable guide.

Robert E Stake
The Case Study Method in Social Inquiry
Yvonna S Lincoln and Egon G Guba
The Only Generalization Is
There Is No Generalization

Robert Donmoyer
Generalizability and the Single Case Study
Janet Ward Schofield
Increasing the Generalizability of Case Study Research
Roger Gomm, Martyn Hammersley and Peter Foster
Case Study and Generalization
Harry Eckstein
Case Study and Theory in Political Science
J Clyde Mitchell
Case Study and Situational Analysis
W S Robinson
The Logical Structure of Analytic Induction
Ralph H Turner
The Quest for Universals in Sociological Research
Stanley Lieberson
Small N's and Big Conclusions
An Examination of the Reasoning in Comparative Studies Based on a Small Number of Cases

Howard S Becker
Cases, Causes, Conjunctures, Stories, Imagery
Martyn Hammersley, Roger Gomm and Peter Foster
Case Study and Theory

`This is a worthwhile book which will be useful to readers. It collects

together key sources on a topic which is a "hardy perennial", guaranteeing

its relevance for academics, researchers, and students on higher level

methods programmes. The editorial contributions are by well-known

authorities in the field, are carefully-constructed, and take a clear

position. I would certainly want this book on my shelf' - Nigel Fielding, University of Surrey

". . .the book enlightens researchers concerning the contributions of case studies to research and could serve as an informative reader for doctoral students considering case study methods for their dissertations." 

Jody Fitzpatrick
University of Colorado--Denver

Extremely well written with range of chapters by various authors. Invaluable reading for any student considering using a case study approach for their research project.

Mr Andrew Holmes
Centre for Educational Studies, Hull University
March 18, 2015

offers deep theoretical insight to the issue of generalizability; language could be a bit difficult for 3rd year UG students; however, I would adopt it as supplemental - for students that wish to go the extra mile.

Mr Georgios Zifkos
Business Management, York St John University
February 3, 2015

So many well established names in the field of case study research makes this book a fascinating and very helpful resource. Its two main sections cover two vital areas that are often controversial within this method. The multitude of references from each chapter's Bibliography, leave the reader with a gold mine of sources to further investigate.

Ms MIriam Walker
Faculty of Education, Winchester University
January 12, 2015

One of the key considerations in Cast Study research is the complexity relating to generalisability. This text explores generalisability in depth, giving the novice and more mature researcher greater depth and understanding of transferrability of research findings to the wider population.

Mrs Lyz Howard
Department of Health, Health and Social Care Teaching Team
April 9, 2014

For anyone thinking about undertaking case study research, I would highly recommend this text. The phrase 'case study' itself is something that is difficult to agree on and this book helps clarify thinking about what a 'case study' really is and then how to go about designing and carrying out case study research.

Mr Simon Moralee
Faculty of Health & Life Sciences, De Montfort University
September 13, 2013

An excellent book for students undertaking Case Study Research

Mr Alan Johnston
York St John Business School, York St John University
February 26, 2013

This is an excellent text for students undertaking case study research.

Dr Ruth McAreavey
Planning, Architecture & Civil Eng'g, Queen's University Belfast
October 21, 2010

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