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The Charismatic Leader

The Charismatic Leader
The Presentation of Self and the Creation of Educational Settings

July 2005 | 160 pages | Corwin

"Future generations of educational leaders will be in debt to Brubaker . . . The book is realistic, clear, and sensitive to the needs of practitioners on the firing line."
—Lawrence Simon, Professor
Elon University  

Discover the attitudes, behaviors, and skills that will help you become a more dynamic communicator in any situation!

Why do some educators have the ability to inspire while others barely hold the attention of staff, parents, or seminar participants? How should you present ideas to ensure the most success in effecting change? Discover the oft-overlooked but critical civilities of leadership that will give you a distinct edge. Using vignettes and thought-provoking exercises, Brubaker illustrates the rituals, attitudes, and skills successful leaders exhibit, allowing them to make meaningful connections with audiences and foster positive and productive school cultures.

The Charismatic Leader offers sage advice for getting the most out of every interaction, whether a one-on-one conversation, interview, or presentation to a large group. Beginning with the "table manners of leadership," Brubaker pinpoints essential skills that promote the effective exchange of information and better relationships including:

  • Listening carefully to absorb details and discover hidden messages
  • Focusing on the task at hand to choose the most appropriate communication strategy
  • Preparing and rehearsing for flawless personal presentation
  • Team building using techniques that foster collaboration and motivation

Make every interaction count—and build ties that will make a positive and lasting difference in your organization!

About the Author
Prologue: A Cautionary Tale
1. The Civilities of Leadership: Attitudes, Behaviors, Tools, and Skills
The Table Manners of Leadership

Concluding Advice From a Political Professional

Barriers to Creating a Culture of Civilities


Suggested Readings

2. Teams, Teaming, and the Creation of Educational Settings
Benefits of Teaming

Creating Positive Classroom and School Environments

Connecting the Classroom and School With the Outside World

The Thesis

Growing a Team

Formation of the Core Group

Key Features of the Educational Change Process Facing Team Leaders


Suggested Readings

3. Professional Development on the Presentation of Self and the Creation of Educational Settings
Definitions of Professional Development

Today's Management by Mandate

Professional Development Revisited

Basic Assumptions Underlying Professional Development

Educators Have to Get to Give

Curiosity and Passion for Learning Are Contagious

Valuable Payoff a Critical Factor

Risk-Taking and Mistake-Making Are Keys to Learning

Presentation-of-Self Programs Take Time

Integration of Sources of Power a Key to Decision Making

Professional Development Plans


Suggested Readings


"Future generations of educational leaders will be in debt to Brubaker for a long overdue guide to presentation of self in educational settings. The book is realistic, clear, and sensitive to the needs of practitioners on the firing line."

Lawrence Simon, Professor
Elon University

"Dale Brubaker writes that teacher and administrator preservice and inservice education programs give too little attention to communication skills that will help educational professionals reach other adults. His book explains the implications of this unacceptable truth and moves the reader to do something about it."
-Richard D. Amme, President
Amme & Associates, Inc.

Richard D. Amme, President
Amme & Associates, Inc.

"I heartily endorse Dale Brubaker's latest book on civilities and the presentation of self as a natural extension of his essays, commentaries and books over the past several decades."
-George E. Uhlig, Professor of Education
University of South Alabama

George E. Uhlig, Professor of Education
College of Education, University of South Alabama, Mobile

"Brubaker engages the reader in a relaxed, yet powerful, conversation that leads to important truths about civility and leadership. The stories, strategies, and activities in this important book invite a deeper look into the essential qualities of a leader. and I highly recommend it."

John A. Harrison, President
National Forum to Accelerate Middle Grades Reform, Pinehurst, NC

"This exciting new guide to becoming an authentic leader is essential for new leaders who wish to be effective from day one, and for seasoned leaders who seek personal and professional revitalization. As you begin the process of self-assessment and take responsibility for your own professional development as a leader, you will discover how you can motivate others in your organization to do the same."

BIZlife Magazine, November 2005

"Dale Brubaker does a masterful job of reminding every leader of the powerful messages they convey through their personal and professional behavior. All too often the conversation about schools and school leadership is characterized by high demands, unsubstantial charges, and vicious attacks. Brubaker dares to talk about the importance of restoring civility and "table manners" to the leadership repertoire. This engaging book provides leaders with practical strategies that they can immediately use to modify their own actions and reframe the relationships among school personnel and the work of schools. Bravo! Every current or aspiring school leader should read this important work."

Dr. Ronald D. Williamson, Professor
Eastern Michigan University

"As a six-year administrator I found the book highly stimulating and relevant to day-to-day challenges in the field of education. It resurrects the terminology of presentation of self as a core, but often neglected, concept that is essential to success in the field of education."

Michael Douglas, Graduate Research Assistant
Georgia State University

"he book addresses an often undervalued need for civility, humanity, and genuineness in leadership and provides the professional with the tools to begin a process of self-assessment and learning. This book can be a tool for professional development workshops or for university courses in which the book will be studied and discussed in groups. It reminds the reader that teaching is essentially an act of love and charity."

Susan Clark, Professor of Education
University of Akron
Key features


  • Numerous vignettes and real-life case-studies
  • 13 resource sections including an outline/guide for professional development leaders; personal change inventory, reflective professional development activities and more
  • Lists of effective strategies/"to-dos" and things to avoid
  • Several self-inventories
  • Easy, conversational tone...great plane read

For instructors

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