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Collaborating With Students in Instruction and Decision Making (Multimedia Kit)

Collaborating With Students in Instruction and Decision Making (Multimedia Kit)
The Untapped Resource

August 2010 | 152 pages | Corwin

Show teachers how to get students actively involved in all aspects of the inclusive classroom!

Truly inclusive education means not only including students with diverse abilities in the general classroom, but also making sure every learner has the opportunity to contribute in meaningful ways. Students can be a teacher's number one resource for creating a learning environment that values all members of the classroom community. This comprehensive professional development kit enables staff developers to lead training on how to tap into students' potential as helpers, advocates, and decision makers in an inclusive classroom. Participants will learn how to:

  • Collaborate with students to build a cooperative, caring, and active classroom
  • Use collaborative learning groups, co-teaching methods, and peer tutoring to foster acceptance and cooperation
  • Give students a voice in instruction and learning through personal learning plans, peer mediation, and other methods

The multimedia kit provides:

  • The book Collaborating With Students in Instruction and Decision Making, offering research-based strategies for empowering students in the classroom
  • A 72-minute, content-rich DVD with an easy stop-and-search navigation menu; interviews with the authors; interviews with students, teachers, and administrators; and in-classroom examples of best practices
  • A chapter-by-chapter facilitator's guide connecting the book to the DVD and providing chapter summaries, discussion questions, application activities, and handouts
  • A companion CD-ROM with a printable version of the facilitator's guide

An ideal resource to use with large or small groups, this multimedia kit is essential for anyone leading professional development focused on making students active partners in the teaching and learning process.

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About the Authors
Welcome and Workshop Starter
Chapter-by-Chapter Study Guides: Collaborating With Students in Instruction and Decision Making: The Untapped Resource
Part I: Introduction
Foreword: The Importance of Students' Voices
Chapter 1: Why Collaborate With Students?
Part II: Teaching With Students
Chapter 2: Students as Co-Teachers in Cooperative Learning Groups
Chapter 3: Students as Peer Tutors and Partner Learners
Chapter 4: Students as Co-Teachers
Part III: Decision Making With Students
Chapter 5: Empowering Students as Collaborative Creative Thinkers
Chapter 6: Students as Instructional Decision Makers
Chapter 7: Students as Designers of Their Own Learning
Chapter 8: Students as Mediators of Conflict and Controversy
Chapter 9: Students as Collaborators in Responsibility
Epilogue: Beyond Benevolence to Befriending and Advocacy
Workshop Evaluation and Closure Activity
Workshop Evaluation Form
Handouts and Overheads
Matrix of Activities and Estimated Times

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