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The Hinge That Joins Teaching and Learning

December 2011 | 144 pages | Corwin

Works like an app to close the learning gap!

Jane E. Pollock, coauthor of Classroom Instruction That Works, expands on the bestseller's feedback strategy in this groundbreaking work. While feedback is not a new concept, what is new is using it the way children use computer apps—to set goals, track their progress, and self-regulate their own learning. With only a slight shift in teaching strategy, this no-cost technique

  • Informs teachers while students are learning, not after
  • Engages and motivates learners
  • Teaches 21st-century skills
  • Helps students understand and meet standards

Educators will find a wealth of classroom examples and success stories that bring this proven practice to life. In addition to boosting achievement, Feedback helps students develop a lifelong learning skill that they will use in everything they do.

Hinges in Action
About the Author
1. The Hinge Factor: Feedback
Managing Feedback

Research on Feedback

Feedback for Instruction, Not Only Assessment

Small Changes, Positive Gains

2. Positive Deviants
The Soup and the Ladle

Small Changes, Dramatic Results

The Flip

Making the Small Changes

3. The Tell-Tale Students
Tell-Tale Students

Feedback and Goal Setting

Feedback: Self

Feedback: Effort

Feedback From Peers and Feedback to the Teacher

Feedback Throughout the Class

Feedback in an Instant

Feedback Works to Engage

A Good Set of Goals

Invisible in Plain Sight

4. Learn to Engage
Was I That Teacher?

Simple Technique: Turn-and-Talk

Feedback: Peer Teaching

Feedback: The Brain That Changes Itself

Simple Technique: Take Notes

Feedback: Self, Peer, Teacher

Goals to Guide Notes

Note-Taking Methods

Evaluation Scale or Rubric

Feedback Is a Two-Way Street

Putting it Together

Many Strategies Work

5. Feedback From the Teacher
Feedback by Walking Around

Feedback to Standards

Doctors, Pilots, and English Teachers

A Good Set of Goals

Prepare to Give Feedback

Better Feedback, Better Performance

Feedback in the Twenty-First Century

Feedback and the Unmotivated Student

Changing Grading Habits

Feedback in Large Classes

What Motivates Us

6. Feedback Changed My Teaching

The How, Not the What

Twenty-First Century Feedback

You Don't Need Feedback Until You Need Feedback

Feedback for Myself

Everybody's Talking at Me

Tell-Tale Students, a Hinge Factor, and Positive Deviants

References and Resources

"A game changer! Jane Pollock has done it again. Feedback has the potential to truly transform classroom instruction and positively impact student engagement, motivation and achievement. A must-have for all educators."

Joanele Hoce, Intervention Support / Literacy Specialist
Tri-County North Local Schools, Lewisburg, OH

“With Feedback, Pollock helps teachers, administrators, and coaches by prescribing strategies for creating a culture of feedback. The wonderful instructional tools and clear explanations in this book create a blueprint for developing independent thinkers, engaged students, and high achievers in every classroom."

Jason Wenschlag, Principal
Birchview Elementary School, Plymouth, MN

“This book demonstrates the essential connection between establishing clear learning goals and feedback. The author uses accessible language and real-life examples to allow educators to visualize the application of the strategies in the classroom.”

Michael Pakakis, Director, Victorian Space Science Education Centre
Strathmore Secondary College, Victoria, Australia

Feedback transforms the roles of both the classroom teacher and principal. The teacher becomes a learning coach by providing ongoing feedback to students. This affirms students or allows them to redirect their learning.”

Chris Joch, Director of Curriculum, Instruction & Assessment
Waterford Graded School District, WI

Feedback provides strategies that teachers can implement to improve student achievement and optimize student engagement. The author offers real-life teacher strategies that can be adapted into any classroom and will motivate students to become involved in learning instead of just being bystanders.”

Linda Law, Director of Curriculum and Instruction K-12
Baldwinsville Central School District, NY

“Captivating and sensible, Feedback offers realistic information about how to motivate the unmotivated learner in your classroom and improve student achievement!"

Dana L. Ziegler, Primary Teacher
Baldwinsville Central School District, NY

“Jane Pollock shows us that feedback is not the destination on our educational journey, but it is the vehicle that moves students toward clear learning goals and drives instructional planning for teachers.”

Bill Hayes, Principal
Greenview Local Schools, Jamestown, OH

"Jane Pollock helps us understand how engagement in learning changes when feedback becomes a collaboration betwen student and teacher. The practical implementation of a variety of strategies is conveyed through the use of a 'teacher voice', making it seem accessible and doable for all teachers."

Diane Quirk, Instructional Technology Specialist
Cicero, NY

"Jane Pollock illustrates the importance of empowering our students to manage their own learning through the use of instructive feedback."

Michael Adams, Director
Colegio Jorge Washington, Cartagena, Columbia

"The strategies and ideas laid out by Jane Pollock help to move teaching and learning beyond the kind of test-prep dominated models of instruction found in too many schools, and toward approaches that will cause learners to understand and retain more information, and then to do better on tests, as well!"

David T Conley, Professor
University of Oregon
Key features

Through specific examples, a teacher can see herself or himself changing classroom practices. Although the focus of the book is necessarily teacher to student, those changes result in tangential changes that are productive: teacher and administrator, teacher and parent/guardian, teacher and teacher.

Detailed recommendations to teachers will be integrated in each chapter. The book will offer classroom techniques easily used by teachers and observed by principals.

Sample Materials & Chapters


Chapter1: The Hinge Factor: Feedback

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