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Integrating the Performing Arts in Grades K–5

Integrating the Performing Arts in Grades K–5

May 2012 | 240 pages | Corwin

Enhance the learning experience by integrating the performing arts

Research documents that the arts boost learning, build confidence, and motivate students to participate in class. How do we keep the performing arts alive in this era of increased accountability and decreased funding? Rekha S. Rajan sets the stage for a creative and practical solution with detailed, concrete examples of how to integrate the performing arts into math, science, social studies, and language arts. Key features include:

  • Step-by-step examples of how to include the performing arts in all aspects of the curriculum
  • Ways to impact students' learning in the cognitive, social, and artistic domains
  • Activities that can be implemented immediately and easily
  • Detailed lesson plans connected to the National Standards for Arts Education, National Standards for Early Childhood and Elementary Education, and Common Core Standards for Math and Language Arts

Students in grades K-5 need creative venues that encourage self-confidence, self-expression, and collaboration. The performing arts provide opportunities to build personal and social skills that are an integral component of learning and development. This accessible resource provides all teachers with the tools to integrate the performing arts throughout their curriculum.

About the Author
Part I: From Practice to Performance
1. An Introduction to the Performing Arts
2. The Classroom Stage
Part II: Integrating the Performing Arts
3. An Introduction to Music
4. An Introduction to Theater
5. An Introduction to Dance
6. An Introduction to Musical Theater
Part III: Behind the Curtain
7. Building Artistic Connections
8. The Artistically Reflective Teacher
National Standards
Common Core Standards

"The author provides a theoretically sound and standards-based approach to incorporating performing arts into every aspect of curriculum for all ages. Teachers will be able to immediately implement new and engaging activities into all learning domains."

Michelle Barnea, Early Childhood Consultant
Innovations for Early Learning, Millburn, NJ

"This book is a practical guide for those interested in integrating the performing arts into the early childhood classroom. It is also a great resource for those working in performing arts camps and community theater programs."

Rebecca S. Compton, Professor of Elementary Education
East Central University

"Students need to be well rounded. This is a great book to help students develop creativity, self-esteem and metacognition. It also helps students make meaningful connections to all areas of the curriculum. A motivated student will be eager to learn."

Tamara Daugherty, Third-Grade Teacher
Lakeville Elementary School, Apopka, FL
Key features
Each chapter will include:

  • A short summary of children's learning and development within each performing art form.
  • A chart that organizes children's personal, social, and artistic learning outcomes for each performing art form.
  • A glossary of terms entitled Building Artistic Vocabulary.
  • A Quick Chart with arts integration suggestions organized by subject area and linked to the relevant National Early Learning standards, including the Common Core standards.
  • Arts-based assessments

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