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Logit and Probit

Logit and Probit
Ordered and Multinomial Models

November 2001 | 104 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
This book discusses the estimation, simulation, and interpretation of models with multiple outcomes, when these outcomes are either ordered or unordered, against the backdrop of examples relating to socioeconomic inequality.  The book includes exposition of the important distinction between odds-ratios and risk-ratios, logit versus probit (and, vice-versa) as well as a step-by-step explanation of the practical computing procedures that underpin the analysis.  

Series Editor’s Introduction
1. Introduction
2. Ordered Models/ Introduction


Application to Deprivation Status

Estimation Over Subsamples: Characteristics versus coefficients

3. Multinomial Logit / Introduction
A Random Utility Model

The Class of Logit Models: Multinomial and conditional

Multinomial Logit

Application to Occupational Outcomes

Conditional Logit and the Independence of Irrelevant Alternatives

4. Program Listings

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ISBN: 9780761922421

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