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Mastering Coaching and Supervision

Mastering Coaching and Supervision

January 1969 | 128 pages | Corwin
Use these guides to form the basis of your staff development program. Here are tools to help teachers: 1. establish successful discipline techniques, 2. mentor and motivate inexperienced staff, 3. work with parents to solve behavior problems, and 4. train aides and classroom volunteers.

Education as a Profession
Professionals Grow through Staff Development, Coaching and Supervision
Script Taping
An Essential Tool

Let's Eliminate the Pre-Observation Conference
The Coaching or Supervisory Conference
Planning, Conducting and Evaluating Conferences
Walk-Thru Supervision
Working with the Reluctant Teacher
Peer Coaching or 'Watching Someone Teach'
Staff Meetings that Result in Staff Development
Translating the Program into Reality
Effecting a Reconciliation between Coaching, Supervision and Evaluation
Transcripts for Practice in Analyses and Conferences

For instructors

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ISBN: 9780803963153