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Millennials and the Workplace

Millennials and the Workplace
Challenges for Architecting the Organizations of Tomorrow

First Edition
  • Pritam Singh - former Director of IIM Lucknow, MDI Gurgaon and IMI Delhi
  • Asha Bhandarker - Distinguished Professor of Organizational Behaviour, IMI Delhi
  • Sumita Rai - Management Development Institute, Gurgaon, India

June 2012 | 272 pages | SAGE Response
Millennials and the Workplace explores the rapidly changing workplace environment and its meaning in the new millennium. It takes a look at the young generation-the Millennials-who do not accept the 'status quo', who have moved from obedience to questioning, and who assess work in terms of its significance in human life and human nature.

The book studies the Millennials and profiles them according to their demographic and psychographic background along with personality factors such as work locus of control, personal values and achievement motivation, and so on.

The authors highlight the gap between what the Millennials expect and what they get at the workplace. The contours of the new workplace-creating alignment between the individual's expectations and the organization's offering-have been sketched in detail for retaining talent. With these insights, the book will be immensely useful to all corporate professionals, academia, and students.

Meaning of Work and Workplace: A Panoramic View

Who Are Millennials?

Meaning of Workplace: Millennials' Valence

Meaning of Workplace: Expectations vs Reality of Workplace Attributes

Architecting the Organization of Tomorrow



The book is a well researched treatise… Written in a lucid language, the book is of great interest in the current context when organizations are going through a churn. A must read for those who seek to build organizations of tomorrow.

People Matters

The book is replete with charts and tables that tell you everything you wanted to know about youngsters entering the job market but didn’t know whom to ask. It talks about their values, their high aspirations, and their desire for approbation…. This book will be very useful for employers keen to exploit the energy and enthusiasm of youth.


The book is a seminal piece of work and carries innumerable, deep and profound insights into the minds of the millennial, their aspirations, their expectations and more importantly their experiences….. The usage of both qualitative and quantitative methods in the research has given the work a very strong and robust grounding. The use of stepwise regression too for theory building is commendable… The book is recommendatory in nature. It is powerful in its import and a must read for all HR professional, organization designers and consultants.

Global Business Review

Unprecedented and remarkable….The book should be read by everyone interested in developing appropriate organizations that would get Millennials excited about work.

Great Lakes Herald

It explores the personality and personal values of the millennial generation, their preferences in the workplace and most importantly, the reasons for hopping jobs. The research findings compiled in this book serve as food for thought for organizations and make them aware of what is being asked by the millennials and what they get from the workplace.

Journal of Human Values,
Volume 22 (Issue 3), May 2016

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ISBN: 9788132108986