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MORE Best Practices for High School Classrooms

MORE Best Practices for High School Classrooms
What Award-Winning Secondary Teachers Do

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April 2010 | 224 pages | Corwin

"The variety of activities sparks ideas for different subjects. The book presents content in an easy-to-follow framework, provides very doable lessons, and clearly identifies the necessary materials."
—Linda D. Jungwirth, President
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Peek into the classrooms of your award-winning colleagues as they share their most successful teaching ideas!

Outstanding teachers from across the country share firsthand accounts of innovative classroom practices for high school learners in this sequel to Randi Stone's best-selling Best Practices for High School Classrooms.

Filled with ready-made techniques for classroom management, co-teaching, integrating the curriculum, and using technology, this one-stop resource offers strategies supported by objectives, recommended grade levels, materials lists, and applicable national and state standards. Divided by subject areas, this is a rich collection of ideas, lessons, projects, and units of study for high-quality instruction in

  • Science and mathematics
  • Language arts and social studies
  • Music, art, and physical education

Engage your high school students' energy, enthusiasm, and excitement for learning with these proven practices from successful teachers nationwide!

About the Author
About the Contributors
Part I. Classroom Practices Across the Curriculum
Classroom Management and Co-Teaching

1. Classroom Management - Ideas I've Picked Up Along the Way
2. Teenagers and Rules and Learning . . . Oh My!
3. Nine Co-Teaching Tips From Two Co-Teaching Gurus!
Differentiated Instruction

4. Every Student Has a Story: Students With Special Needs and English Language Laerners in the Secondary Classrooms
5. Buffet-Style Teaching: Reviewing and Re-Teaching
Using Technology in the Classroom

6. Using Technology Doesn't Have To Be Expensive
7. Using Computer-Assisted Instruction in High School Mathematics Classes
8. Video Analysis Unlocks the Physics World
Part II. Teaching Science and Math
Teaching Science

9. Fertilizers: Testing Different Options
10. My Life on a Podcast
11. Getting the Dirt on Soil
12. Water Purification
13. Atom-Building Bingo
14. Modele: An Electron Configuration Experience
15. Remote Sensing
Teaching Math

16. Mathematical Trends and Baby Names
17. Box and Whisker Plot Extravaganza
18. Maze Madness
19. Parabolic Solar Cooker
20. Pascal's Triangle With Sequences and Series
21. Water Rocket Lesson
Part III. Teaching Language Arts and Social Studies
Teaching Language Arts

22. Take Me Out to the Ball Game: Building Sentence Sense Without Teaching Grammar
23. Descriptive Diner
24. Deconstructing the Writer's Craft
25. Story Stew
26. Catering to Student Needs: Menu-style Study Guides
27. Navigating Spoon River While Putting Your Students in the Spotlight
28. "Let's Argue!" A Research-Oriented Approach to Classroom Debates
29. Discoveries in Hemingway's "A Clean Well-Lighted Place"
Teaching Social Studies

30. Piecing Together the Past: An Introduction to the Study of History
31. African Lunch Sack and Picnic
32. Presidential Caucus Simulation
33. Electoral College Review Game
34. Economics in My Hometown
35. Do What You Do Best and Trade for the Rest
PART IV: Teaching Music, Art, and Phsyical Education
Teaching Music and Art

36. Creating Correct Vowels for Singing
37. Wayne Thiebaud Style Plasticine Painting
38. Art Integration: Enrolling in the Hudson River School to Study American Romanticism
Teaching Phsyical Education

39. Interactive Muscle Assignment
40. Aerobic/Anaerobic Fitness Stations

"The variety of activities sparks ideas for different subjects. The book presents content in an easy-to-follow framework, provides very doable lessons, and clearly identifies the necessary materials."

Linda D. Jungwirth, President
Convening Conversations

The stories in this text are helpful for preservice teachers to make connections between research and practice.

Dr Bridgette Davis
School of Education, Louisiana State University
May 19, 2015
Key features
  • An inspirational, one-stop guide to the teaching practices of the nation's outstanding high school teachers
  • Detailed, first-hand accounts of successful instructional strategies, divided by topic and subject area
  • Innovative projects, lesson plans, and units of study across the content areas, in addition to more general tips and insights from nationally recognized teachers in exemplary classrooms—a smorgasbord of ideas for aspiring or practicing high school teachers

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