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The Practical Guide to Classroom Literacy Assessment

The Practical Guide to Classroom Literacy Assessment

December 2006 | 192 pages | Corwin

"The authors have taken a complex topic and presented it in a very readable, accessible manner. An ideal candidate for school-based professional development organized on the study group model."
—Joan Irwin, Education Consultant
Former Director of Publications, IRA

Use assessment to meet the strengths and needs of students and enhance learning!

Whether it is standardized test data, student journals, or informal classroom question and answer, assessments provide invaluable, ongoing diagnostic information for making key instructional decisions. In this engaging and comprehensive resource, Diane Barone and Joan Taylor demonstrate practical ways for embedding test preparation into teaching by integrating assessments and instruction to boost learning.

The authors provide testing content and procedures developed for inservice and preservice teachers, administrators, and coaches to help all students, including those who have previously failed. With rich classroom examples, dialogues, scenarios, checklists, and student work samples, this book illustrates multiple assessment formats with expert how-to and when-to guidelines for literacy, writing, listening, and speaking.

In language that speaks straight to educators, this handy, indispensable guide discusses:

  • Real cases and conversations that demonstrate actual assessment strategies in classrooms
  • Specific applications for math and science literacy
  • Preparation and grading for high-stakes testing
  • Practical help for portfolios
  • Rubric construction tips
  • The importance of oral and written literacy

Using The Practical Guide to Classroom Literacy Assessment, educators can measure students' abilities to navigate content and apply what they learn, and effectively support their academic success on standardized and formative assessments.

About the Authors
1. Assessments With a Focus on Learning: Purposes and Promises
The Historical Root of the Matter

Which Literacies?

Audiences and Types of Assessments

Timing of Tests

Reasons for Assessments

Final Thoughts

2. Writing Assessments
Brief Historical Overview of Writing Assessments

Writing Assessments Today

Types of Writing Assessments

Writing Tasks

Evaluation Tools

Writing Assessment Formats

Assessing Processes

Assessing Products

Organizing and Administering Your Own Scoring Session

Final Thoughts

3. Reading Asessment
Teacher-Created Assessments

Commercial Assessments

Ongoing Assessments Used to Monitor Progress

End-of-Year Assessment

Final Thoughts

4. Oral and Visual Assessments


Viewing and Experiencing

Audience and Purpose

Importance of a Variety of Assessment

Forms and Products

Final Thoughts

5. Assessment Portfolios
What Is an Assessment Portfolio?

What Are the Issues Surrounding Portfolios?

Final Thoughts

6. Putting Assessment in Perspective
Overview of Assessment Data

Uses of Assessment

A Few Final Assessment Caveats

Additional Resources for Assessment

Final Thoughts


"The authors have taken a complex topic and presented it in a very readable, accessible manner. An ideal candidate for school-based professional development organized on the study group model."

Joan Irwin
Educational Consultant

"I found the monthly focuses for the portfolio to be wonderful!"

Amy Huether, SD READS Literacy Coach
Black Hills Special Services Cooperative
Key features

Marketing Features:

  • Handy practical assessment guide for literacy includes types, examples and explanations 
  • Demonstrates how specific assessments link to instruction
  • Engaging language speaks straight to teacher practitioners and pre-service
  • Real cases and conversations show assessment "live" in classrooms
  • Content-area assessments show applications for literacy in math and science
  • Frank discussion about high stakes assessment and grading
  • Practical guidelines and rubric construction tips  will improve formative classroom assessments
  • Addresses important assessment of oral literacy as well as print

For instructors

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ISBN: 9781412939140