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The Relevant Educator

The Relevant Educator
How Connectedness Empowers Learning

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August 2014 | 80 pages | Corwin

Professional growth and social media savvy at your fingertips!

This information-packed resource from digital experts Anderson and Whitby makes it easy to build a thriving professional network using social media. Easy-to-implement ideas, essential tools, and real-life vignettes help teachers learn to:

  • Find and choose the best social media tools, products, and communities
  • Start and grow a collaborative, high-quality PLN using Twitter, blogging, LinkedIn, and more
  • Use social media to enhance 21st Century education
  • Engage in authentic personal and professional learning

Includes invaluable resources and an in-depth analysis of the social media landscape. Collaboration has never been easier with this must-have guide!

The Corwin Connected Educators series is your key to unlocking the greatest resource available to all educators: other educators. Being a Connected Educator is more than a set of actions: it’s a belief in the potential of technology to fuel lifelong learning. To explore the other books in this series, visit the Corwin Connected Educators website.

Check out the Connected Educator Series matrix to find out which book is right for you.   

"It is incumbent upon all educators to connect with other educators who can reignite their passion for teaching. The authors generously share their wisdom for those who want to accelerate the development of a personal learning network. “ 
Angela Maiers, Founder and President
Choose2Matter, Inc. and Maiers Education Services, Inc.

"Learn how and why educators must connect in order to truly be at the top of their game. This book gives practical advice on how to connect, engage, and grow as a learner."
Adam Bellow, Corwin Author Untangling the Web

Preface by Peter DeWitt
1. Connected Learning
2. Social Media in Education
Who is Using Social Media

Acceptable Use Policy

Myths and Misconceptions

3. The Effects of Culture on Change
School Culture

Internet Culture

4. Social Media for Professional Development and Professional Learning
Blogs in Learning

Why Blogging?

Personal Blog

Class Blog

RSS Feeds



5. Components of a PLN
What is a PLN? ...And What It Isn't





Podcasts and Webinars


6. Education Conferences
National Conferences


7. Social Media Communities




8. Getting Started
9. The Connected Educator
10. Apps/Sites for Social Media

"To those educators who've felt like detached retinas in the digital age and those who love and support them: This book is the best driver's ed course for connected-learner beginners that I've seen to date. For those who've jumped in with both feet, this book provides rationale and fresh new perspectives to increase the effectiveness of your connected learning time. Steven and Tom have managed to do something rare in this space. They have built a human, understandable beginning for would-be connected educators. Hats off my friends."

Kevin Honeycutt, Consultant and Speaker

"The Relevant Educator touches on the heart of what it is to be a teacher who feels unsupported and ill-trained in our digital world. Tom Whitby and Steven Anderson offer a solution: get connected to educators online who freely share lesson plans, training materials, videos, webinars, and support 24/7. The book outlines first steps to take and provides information on free web tools and mobile apps that will introduce teachers to online communities where teachers support each other everyday. "

Shelly Sanchez Terrell, Teacher Trainer, International Speaker, Founder
The 30 Goals Challenge, #Edchat, Reform Symposium Global ECon, San Antonio, TX

"This is the essential book for learning both how and why educators must connect in order truly be at the top of their game. Written by two of the most genuine and passionate educators who are practitioners as well as innovators in the educational technology space, this is a must read for all educators that is written in a fun and conversational way. The book addresses issues that are at the heart of many staff meetings and gives practical advice on how to connect, engage, and grow as a learner. A must read!"

Adam Bellow, Corwin Author Untangling the Web
Plainview, NY

"In the 21st century, the smartest person in the room, is the room. It is incumbent upon all educators to connect online with other educators who can reignite their passion for teaching, and share learning and experiences. Tom Whitby and Steve Anderson generously share their wisdom and the "rules of the road" for those who want to accelerate the development of a personal learning network. Their book is a worthwhile investment that will repay itself many times over."

Angela Maiers, Founder and President
Choose2Matter, Inc. and Maiers Education Services, Inc., Clive, IA

"As of now there are about 20 books in the Corwin Connected Educator Series, a seemingly ever-growing set of titles masterminded by Peter DeWitt and Corwin Press. Each book is short enough to be read in one sitting, which makes the collection ideal for book studies and professional development, both during the summer and throughout the school year. Also, each paperback is authored by one or two educators who speak (and blog, tweet, etc.) with a credible voice in the world of connected education. Some of the topics include:
  • Flipped leadership
  • Tools for connecting educators, parents, and communities
  • Blogging for educators
  • Best practices for establishing a makerspace
  • Tools to connect and empower teachers

Finally, all of the authors are active on social media, and they regularly present at local conferences, which helps in bringing to life the contents of these books."

Ross Cooper, Supervisor of Instructional Practice K-12
Salisbury Township School District, Edutopia
Key features

This book helps leaders explore the various ways to become a connected educator, through social media sites, Personal/Professional Learning Networks, conferences, and other ways. It also gives a definition to connectedness and shows leader how connectedness is a vital component to a school’s health and growth. This book will give leaders:

  • An understanding of what connectedness is and the qualities of a connected educator
  • Tools to start becoming connected leaders and educators
  • Ideas for building your PLN
  • Resources for further learning about connectedness

 There is also the Connected Educators Series website where readers can connect with all of the authors of the series, find more resources, and find real support for putting flipped leadership into practice.

Sample Materials & Chapters

Connected Educators Series Preface

Chapter 1

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