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Uncovering Teacher Leadership

Uncovering Teacher Leadership
Essays and Voices From the Field

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January 2007 | 416 pages | Corwin

Immerse yourself in exploring the heart of teacher leadership!

Practicing the art of teacher leadership requires self-reflection, creativity, and discipline. This comprehensive reader brings together the top voices in the field, encouraging teacher leaders to examine the tensions in their practice. Edited by recognized leadership experts Richard H. Ackerman, author of The Wounded Leader, and Sarah V. Mackenzie, this must-have resource contains classic essays and contemporary gems that explore teacher leadership in insightful and surprising ways.

This well-organized compendium features stories and lessons from teacher leaders that explore current issues, underlying feelings, and fresh perspectives. Within a five-part structure, each section begins with an introduction and closes with questions designed to encourage reflection and discussion. Readers will be able to use:

  • Stories, essays, and research findings for insight and exploration
  • Protocols to structure conversations about common issues
  • Ideas for inspiring and motivating other educators to examine and improve their practices

Revealing the inner world of teacher leaders will prompt readers to think more deeply about their own leadership.

Part I: Looking at Teacher Leadership
Elizabeth Wiley
1. Surprising Outcomes or Why Do They Read Macbeth?
Roland S. Barth
2. The Teacher Leader
Ann Lieberman and Lynne Miller
3. What Research Says About Teacher Leadership
Frank Crowther, Stephen S. Kaagan, Margaret Ferguson, and Leonne Hann
4. Teachers as Leaders: Emergence of a New Paradigm
Marilyn Katzenmeyer and Gayle Moller
5. Honoring the Uniqueness of Teacher Leaders
Laura Reasoner Jones
6. I'm Not Like You
Questions for Reflection and Conversation
Part II: Teacher Leaders Everywhere
Nancy Flanagan
7. Teacher Professionalism: Diamonds on the Souls of Her Shoes
Michael Fullan
8. Leadership to the Fore
Linda Lambert, Michelle Collay, Mary E. Dietz, Karen Kent, and Anna Ershler Richert
9. Teaching as Leading
Gordan A. Donaldson, Jr.
10. What Teachers Bring to Leadership: The Distinctive Assets of Teachers Who Lead
Barbara H. White
11. Leading From the Parking Lot
Questions for Reflection and Conversation
Part III: The Heart of Teacher Leaders
Todd West
12. The Courage to Lead
Kathy Stockford
13. On the Balcony
Hank Ogilby
14. Teacher Leadership: Noble Aspiration or Myth?
Samuel Moring
15. The Golden Rule of Leadership
Terry Young
16. A Year in the Life of a Teacher Leader: Enacting Core Beliefs
Barbara McGillicuddy Bolton
17. Works Well With Others: The Nurturing of a Teacher Leader
Betsy Webb
18. The Code of Silence
Liz Murray
19. Confessions of a Teacher Leader
Deborah Vose
20. Reaching Out to Parents
Wendy Lessard
21. A Roaring Silence
William Ferriter
22. Education's Glass Ceiling
Stephanie Marshall
23. Learning in the Risk Zone
Jennifer Ribeiro
24. Hard Lessons About Leadership
Gary Chapin
25. I, Leader
Questions for Reflection and Conversation
Part IV: Keeping the Teacher in the Leader
George F. Marnik
26. Looking Within: A Principal's Thoughts About Teacher Leadership
JoAnne C. Dowd
27. Taking on Teacher Leadership: A Foray Into Netherland
Morgaen L. Donaldson
28. To Lead or Not to Lead? A Quandary for Newly Tenured Teachers
Sarah V. Mackenzie
29. The Continuum of Leadership Development: Teacher Leaders Move to Administration
Eleanor E. Drago-Severson
30. Working Together Through Learning-Oriented Leadership: Promising Practices for Supporting Teacher Leadership and Growth
Mary Ann Minard
31. Encouraging Districtwide Teacher Leadership
Questions for Reflection and Conversation
Part V: Nuturing Teacher Leaders
Linda Bowe
32. It Isn't Just a Dream
Sam M. Intrator
33. The Heart of Teaching: Making the Connection Between Teaching, Leadership, and Inner Life
Eleanor E. Drago-Severson, Jennifer Roloff Welch, and Anne E. Jones
34. Learning and Growing From Convening: A Context for Reflecting on Teacher Practice
Barnett Berry and John Norton
35. America's Teaching Profession and the Teacher Leaders Network
Deborah Bambino
36. Teacher Leaders Redefining the Status Quo Through Critical Friends Groups
Jed Frank Lippard
37. The Paradox of Teacher Leadership
Martha McFarland Williams
38. The Times They Are A-changing
Questions for Reflection and Conversation
Part VI: Conclusion
Sarah V. Mackenzie
39. (How) Can a New Vision of Teacher Leadership Be Fulfilled?
Richard H. Ackerman
40. Leading From the Back
About the Editors
About the Contributors

"No one could read this book and not be struck by the power and importance of teacher leadership for our schools. The voices from the field don't merely spell out the power and importance of teacher leadership—they shout it out! One can't help but be touched by the care, commitment, concern, vulnerability, and honesty expressed by these writers."

Leonard O. Pellicer, Dean
College of Education and Organizational Leadership, University of La Verne

"Captures the essence and essentials of teacher leadership. Defines teacher leaders and gives them a voice through personal reflections. Readers are given strategies on keeping and nurturing teacher leaders to maximize their impact on a campus. The framework for sustaining teacher leaders makes this book a must-read."

Tim Persall, Principal
Canyon Independent School District, Amarillo, TX

"The strength of any community of learners must be realized from within—from the internal leaders who, classroom by classroom, contribute to the overall well-being of the entire school. Uncovering Teacher Leadership brings together commanding, yet thoughtful voices on a topic central to effective educational practice—the development of teacher leaders. An important read for anyone in the field of education."

Pru Cuper, Professor of Education
Keene State College

Excellent choice for our teacher leader program

Dr Suzanne Gilmour
Education, LeMoyne Cllege
June 15, 2015
Key features
  • Includes reflective questions and discussion starters
  • Protocols to help translate ideas into meaningful action
  • Offers a blend of personal stories, essays, and research findings

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