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Bridging East-West Psychology and Counselling

Bridging East-West Psychology and Counselling
Exploring the Work of Pittu Laungani

First Edition
Edited by:
  • Roy Moodley - University of Toronto - OISE, Canada
  • Aanchal Rai - Psychotherapist, Canada
  • Waseem Alladin - Centre for Work Stress Management/Centre for Cognitive Neuro-psychology Therapy, UK

July 2010 | 348 pages | SAGE Publications Pvt. Ltd
This edited volume in honour of Dr Pittu Laungani, one of the leading cross-cultural psychologists of the West, brings together renowned names in the field of Psychology who critique Dr Laungani’s contribution from various angles. It explores the nature of cross-cultural psychology, counselling and psychotherapy, specifically attempting to build bridges between Indian philosophy and the Western approaches and methods.

The various chapters consider interesting and challenging questions like culture and stress, traditional healing and Hindu spirituality, and caste, class and culture and their relationship to counselling psychology. The book will be of great interest to those teaching and studying courses on cross-cultural counselling and psychotherapy and also multicultural social work.

Alvin Curling
Roy Moodley, Aanchal Rai and Waseem Alladin
Pittu Laungani
Building Multicultural Counselling Bridges: The Holy Grail or a Poisoned Chalice
Amrita Narayanan
The Reciprocal Gaze: Pittu Laungani's Musings about Culture and Stress
Pittu Laungani
Traditional Healing and Spirituality
Roy Moodley
Building Bridges in Counselling
Lana Stermac
Dancing with the Master: An Interview with Pittu Laungani
Pittu Laungani
Cross-Cultural Psychology: A Handmaiden to Mainstream Western Psychology
Pittu Laungani
Unresolved Issues in Philosophy and Psychology: Implications for Therapy
Amrita Narayanan
Playing amidst the Pillars: Pittu Laungani and Yogic Psychology
Aanchal Rai and Roy Moodley
South Asian Traditional Healing in Counselling: Laungani's Search for a Transcultural Approach
Roy Moodley
East-West Journey in Counselling Psychology: An Interview with Pittu Laungani
Juris G Draguns
Transcending the Boundaries of Counselling: Pittu Laungani as Master Counsellor
Pittu Laungani
Caste, Class and Culture: A Case Study
Alan Roland
Pittu Laungani a Bicultural Psychologist: Commentary on 'Caste, Class and Culture'
Sabar Rustomjee
Solitude of Unbearable Shame: An Analysis of Two Case Studies by Pittu Laungani
William West
Becoming a Cultural Chameleon: Pittu Laungani, Western Counsellors and Multicultural Clients
Pittu Laungani
Counselling and Therapy in a Multicultural Setting
Ruth M Lijtmaer
Migration, Cultural Values and the Medical Model: Pittu Laungani and Psychotherapy
Fevronia Christodoulidi and Colin Lago
Tortoises and Turtles: Pittu Laungani, Cultural Transitions and Therapeutic Relations
Maya Hammer and Waseem Alladin
Transcending East/West Boundaries: Pittu Languani and Cross-Cultural Counselling
Sandra E S Neil
Pittu Laungani, Multicultural Humanism and Electric Psychotherapy
Pittu Laungani
Religious Rites and Rituals in Death and Bereavement: An Indian Experience
Antoinette Thomas
Ann Laungnai
Stephen Palmer
Waseem Alladin
Uwe P Gielen
Richard De Zoysa
Nicolo Pipitone

Pittu Laungani`s outstanding contributions to theory and research on psychology during his distinguished career are described in detail in this excellent book. The significant impact of his work on building multicultural bridges in cross-cultural psychology, counselling and psychotherapy are noted in the chapters authored by Laungani, and by distinguished colleagues who have analyzed and contributed to his work. Personal reflections on his life reported by his wife, Ann, and by colleagues and former students, contribute to a deeper and more meaningful understanding of Dr. Laungani`s work, and the substantial and enduring impact of his contributions to psychology.

Charles D Spielberger
Distinguished Research Professor,University of South Florida, Tampa

This edited volume present immensely important endeavours undertaken by Professor Pittu Laungani and his eminent colleagues to the field of counselling with a particular relevance to the present-day multicultural society…The editors of the volume deserves special commendation for their meticulous selection of Laungani’s research papers published from time to time, [the book] provide the reader a comprehensive, well-informed, analytical and critical perspective on Laungani’s path-breaking attempts in cross-cultural psychology, counselling and psychotherapy…. This book is extremely valuable for the students and professionals of psychology in understanding the cultural counseling and psychotherapy. This is more than a useful resource for academics and professional counsellors and psychotherapists in the field of cross-cultural psychology…a ‘must read’ to every student of counselling and psychotherapy.

Indian Journal Social Science Researches

The book forces therapists steeped in western counseling traditions to re-look at their approaches to counseling and their clients.

Perspectives in Social Work

The book is a must read for all mental health professionals, who having been trained in the Western model, need to reconnect with their cultural backgrounds to direct mental health research and practice commensurate with their cultural requirements.

Indian Journal of Social Psychiatry

A useful resource for academics and practitioners in the field of counselling and multiculturalism…The book will be of great interest to those teaching and studying courses on cross-cultural counselling and psychotherapy and also multicultural social work.

Journal of the Indian Academy of Applied Psychology

This book is a useful resource for academics and practitioners in the field of counselling and multiculturalism. It is an important intellectual contribution that engages us in the debate about human dignity.

Indian Journal of Youth Affairs

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