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Building Research Universities in India

Building Research Universities in India

  • Pankaj Jalote - Founding Director and Distinguished Professor of Indraprastha Institute of Information Technology Delhi (IIIT Delhi)

November 2020 | 448 pages | SAGE Publications Pvt. Ltd
With the emergence of global university rankings, there is increased interest in research universities. The focus of the higher education system in India has traditionally been on educating students and not on research. However, in the last decade or so, there has been a growing appreciation of research in universities and interest in transforming some of the Indian universities to globally competitive research universities. 

This is the first book that focuses on building research universities in India. It provides a comprehensive and holistic view of a research university and discusses the key dimensions of such a university, including education, research, PhD programme, faculty management, governance, financing and third mission. This book will be of interest to academicians, academic leaders, policymakers, and those who are involved in developing a university in India. 

Foreword by Kiran Karnik
Introduction by Philip G. Altbach
Higher Education and Research in India
Research Universities: Characteristics and Classification
Education: Delivering High Quality Learning
Research Management, Ethics and Culture
Third Mission: Contribution to Economy and Society
Building a Strong PhD Programme
Faculty Recruitment and Management
Governance, Leadership and Administration
Financing the Research University
The Road Ahead for the Higher Education System and Research Universities

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