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Business Lawsuits and Disputes

Business Lawsuits and Disputes
How Law Keeps Businesses in Check

Business Ethics

September 2022 | 272 pages | SAGE Response
Business and law are in continuous communication. In seeking profits and growth, businesses transform the society and, in the process, create new challenges. Law responds by controlling, regulating and most times facilitating business activities. Several court judgements from the apex courts have acted as the frontiers of business law. Leading judgements from the apex courts resolve close contest of ideas, change course of businesses and allow for opening of new business avenues. 

Business Lawsuits and Disputes is an introduction to these frontier cases. It invites academics, students, business executives and business leaders to understand the law so that they can define businesses of tomorrow. The cases from the United Kingdom Supreme Court and the Supreme Court of India touch upon four aspects: functional and executive learning; organisational and leadership ideas; future planning; and education and learning. 

This book makes the pathbreaking cases accessible and relevant to academics, students, business managers and leaders.

Verbal Contracts in the Age of Mobile Phones
Nuances of Written Contracts
Misrepresentation and Entire Agreement Clause
No Oral Agreements
Award of Contractual Damages
Uber Contracts and Practices
Are the Uber Drivers Employees of Uber?
Free Speech and the Social Media
Freedom of Speech and the Internet Shutdown
Real Estate Transactions
Are Software and Digital Content goods?
Hiding Behind the Company
Vicarious Liability of Employers

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