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Child Maltreatment

Child Maltreatment
A Collection of Readings

Edited by:

May 2011 | 384 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Specifically created to complement the Third Edition of the APSAC Handbook on Child Maltreatment, this collection of 23 carefully selected articles on child abuse and neglect parallels the structure of the Handbook. It is also a great companion to other Sage books, such as Barnett's Family Violence Across the Lifespan and Miller and Perrin's Child Maltreatment.

Part I. The Child Protection System in the United States
John Leventhal
Chapter 1. The Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect: Pipe Dreams or Possibilities?
Sarah Maiter, Sally Palmer, & Shehenaz Manji
Chapter 2. Strengthening Social Worker-Client Relationships in Child Protective Services: Addressing Power Imbalances and "Ruptured" Relationships
Marian S. Harris & Ada Skyles
Chapter 3. Kinship Care for African American Children: Disproportionate and Disadvantageous
Lawrence M. Berger, Christina Paxson, & Jane Waldfogel
Chapter 4. Mothers, Men, and Child Protective Services Involvement
Anna Rockhill, Beth L. Green, & Carrie Furrer
Chapter 5. Is the Adoption and Safe Families Act Influencing Child Welfare Outcomes for Families With Substance Abuse Issues?
Laurie Drabble
Chapter 6. Pathways to Collaboration: Exploring Values and Collaborative Practice Between Child Welfare and Substance Abuse Treatment Fields
Catherine Roller White, Kirk O’Brien, Peter J. Pecora, Diana English, Jason R. Williams, & Chereese M. Phillips
Chapter 7. Depression Among Alumni of Foster Care: Decreasing Rates Through Improvement of Experiences in Care
Wendy Nilsen
Chapter 8. Fostering Futures: A Preventive Intervention Program for School-Age Children in Foster Care
Abbie E. Goldberg, Jordan B. Downing, & Hannah B. Richardson
Chapter 9. The Transition From Infertility to Adoption: Perceptions of Lesbian and Heterosexual Couples
Part II. Neglect
Howard Dubowitz, Steven C. Pitts, & Maureen M. Black
Chapter 10. Measurement of Three Major Subtypes of Child Neglect
Kristen Shook Slack, Jane L. Holl, Maria McDaniel, Joan Yoo, & Kerry Bolger
Chapter 11. Understanding the Risks of Child Neglect: An Exploration of Poverty and Parenting Characteristics
Julie J. Lounds, John G. Borkowski, & Thomas L. Whitman
Chapter 12. The Potential for Child Neglect: The Case of Adolescent Mothers and Their Children
Cynthia Osborne & Lawrence M. Berger
Chapter 13. Parental Substance Abuse and Child Well-Being: A Consideration of Parents' Gender and Coresidence
Lisa M. Jones, David Finkelhor, & Stephanie Halter
Chapter 14. Child Maltreatment Trends in the 1990s: Why Does Neglect Differ From Sexual and Physical Abuse?
Brad W. Lundahl, Janelle Nimer, & Bruce Parsons
Chapter 15. Preventing Child Abuse: A Meta-Analysis of Parent Training Programs
Jeffrey J. Haugaard & Cindy Hazan
Chapter 16. Recognizing and Treating Uncommon Behavioral and Emotional Disorders in Children and Adolescents Who Have Been Severely Maltreated: Reactive Attachment Disorder
Carolyn Copps Hartley
Chapter 17. The Co-occurrence of Child Maltreatment and Domestic Violence: Examining Both Neglect and Child Physical Abuse
Part III. Physical Abuse
Azmaira H. Maker, Priti V. Shah, & Zia Agha
Chapter 18. Child Physical Abuse: Prevalence, Characteristics, Predictors, and Beliefs About Parent-Child Violence in South Asian, Middle Eastern, East Asian, and Latina Women in the United States
Part IV. Child Sexual Abuse
Benoit Leclerc, Richard Wortley, & Stephen Smallbone
Chapter 19. An Exploratory Study of Victim Resistance in Child Sexual Abuse: Offender Modus Operandi and Victim Characteristics
Part V. Investigation and Substantiation of Neglect and Abuse
Irit Hershkowitz
Chapter 20. Socioemotional Factors in Child Sexual Abuse Investigations
About the Editor

May use the book for another course in the Spring 2013.

Professor Rosemary McFee
Criminal Justice, Alvernia University
July 31, 2012

did not meet need

Professor Harold Johnson
Counslng Ed Psych Spec Ed Dept, Michigan State University
May 30, 2012

This book provides a comprehensive overview of the different aspects of child maltreatment and was particularly useful to show students different perspectives on the topic.

Mrs Danielle Douglas
School of Humanities, Waterford Institute of Technology
January 20, 2012

The selection of readings was disappointing and did not fit the course goals well

Dr Peter Choate
Social Work, Mount Royal University
July 17, 2011
Key features

Key Features

  • This reader's five-part structure takes readers through the following sections: The Child Protection System in the United States, Neglect, Physical Abuse, Child Sexual Abuse, and Investigation and Substantiation of Neglect and Abuse.
  • All articles are from leading SAGE journals, including Child Maltreatment and the Journal of Interpersonal Violence.
  • Learning aids in each reading include discussion questions and a one-page summary of key points written by the editor.

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