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Collaboration and Co-Teaching for Dual Language Learners

Collaboration and Co-Teaching for Dual Language Learners
Transforming Programs for Multilingualism and Equity

Including Illustrations by Claribel González, Foreword by Margo Gottlieb

January 2023 | 264 pages | Corwin

Teaching dual language learners? You’re not alone!

When implemented with commitment to collaboration, dual language programs work—and two teachers are better than one. Leveraging the power of teacher collaboration is the key to leading all your students to multilingual identity development and language, literacy, and academic success.

This practical book adapts a widely used, evidence-based collaboration and co-teaching framework specifically for educators in dual language contexts. Features include:

  • Special consideration to social justice and promoting critical consciousness
  • Viable options for schools, districts, and state education agencies to effectively support and expand dual language education
  • Seven proven co-teaching models, newly applied to elementary and secondary dual language environments
  • Templates and tools for collaborative curriculum alignment and implementation of dual language instruction
  • Authentic examples of success from collaborative dual language teams around the US and beyond

More and more schools are implementing dual language programs to serve multilingual learners. This first-of-its-kind innovative resource helps collaborating educators work together to design, deliver, and assess engaging instruction for multilingualism and multiliteracies.

Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Foundations of Dual Language Programs
Chapter 3: Collaborative Planning in Dual Language Programs
Chapter 4: Collaborative Teaching in Dual Language Programs
Chapter 5: Collaborative Assessment and Reflection in Dual Language Programs
Chapter 6: Leadership Support for Collaborative Practices in Dual Language Programs

"This engaging and accessible book provides a valuable resource to catalyze teacher collaboration in dual language programs. Lachance and Honigsfeld take care to present strategies across the collaborative instructional cycle—from planning to teaching to assessment to reflection. For the novice and veteran alike, this work will guide and inspire collegial partnerships that advance dynamic bilingualism."

Martin Scanlan
Lynch School of Education and Human Development, Campion Hall, Boston College

This book is the professional resource we’ve all been waiting for! I love the structure of this book and how it’s designed for an accessible book study for teams as they navigate the unique opportunities presented by co-teaching in dual language settings. I found this resource incredibly valuable for educators and leaders as it has practical tools and strategies that can equip us all to effectively collaborate with each other in our effort to better serve our dual language students!

Carly Spina
Multilingual Education Specialist, Illinois Resource Center

At last, a book we have been waiting for- one that combines our growing interest in dual language  programming with collaboration and co-teaching. Scholars Joan Lachance and Andrea Honigsfeld provide practical guidance on the laws and regulations on one hand and our professional creativity and inspiration on the other. Drawing from their kindred spirit of space adventure and exploration, each chapter takes readers to a mission control room to learn about key ideas, an exploration site to try new these in our own contexts, a captain’s log space to reflect on our learning, navigation systems to provide us with key information from research and the field and much more as we prepare take-off to using an approach that works.

Debbie Zacarian
Author of Transforming Schools for Multilingual Learners: A Comprehensive Guide for Educators, Zacarian and Associates, LLC

In this powerful and practical new resource, Joan and Andrea have outlined not only why teachers should collaborate in dual language programs, but also how this collaboration can happen and what school leaders can do to support. By integrating the collaborative cycle of co-planning, co-teaching, co-assessing and co-reflecting within the unique dual language ecosystem, this book helps to build important connections - across languages and across disciplines – catalyzing both student learning and teacher learning.

Jon Nordmeyer
International Program Director, WIDA and University of Wisconsin-Madison

“Collaboration and Co-teaching for Dual Language Learners: Transforming Programs for Multilingualism and Equity is THE instructional resource that our dual language programs have been waiting for. It provides coaches and teachers a dual language specific collaborative instructional cycle that enhances teacher capacity and elevates student outcomes. Every chapter provides tips and tools for effective and practical implementation. I highly recommend it for district DL directors, campus and district coordinators, coaches, teachers, and paraprofessionals.

Gloria Stewart-Kooper
Bilingual ESL Director, Lamar Consolidated ISD

Dr. Lachance and Dr. Honigsfeld’s text invites us to explore learning spaces where dual language programming and teacher collaboration unite, creating a school-wide web of intentional support for multilingual learners to flourish both academically and linguistically. I can't wait to fly to the moon with this transformative lens of collaboration coupled with multilingual language development!

Helen (Lannie) Simpson
English Learner Director, Burke County Public Schools

Mission Accomplished!  My mind traveled through six chapters with a mission in mind: to learn, to understand, to anchor into real examples of practice and powerful strategies based on research.  Strategic reflection pushes readers to pause, think, and formulate next steps to implement right away. This exceptional resource provides educators with much needed tools to navigate, explore, and map out ways to develop higher levels of teaching in dual language programs. As a dual language instructional coach, I transverse these territories in my daily practice and I can say I have found a focus for my upcoming year in my school with this book. Es una combinación perfecta de teoría, práctica y reflexión.”

Gabriela Garcia-Marroquin
Dual Language Instructional Coach, Jeffco Public Schools

Very few books explore the topic in a way that Lachance and Honigsfeld do. This book is for anyone embarking on implementing a dual language approach or revisiting their current program. It pinpoints the key elements of collaboration and coteaching from delivery, assessment to reflection.  The book is unique in its format allowing the reader the opportunity to hear from practitioners and students.”

Barbara Tedesco
Co-Manager, Language & Literacy Associates for Multilingual and Multicultural Education, LLC (LLAMAME)

This book couldn’t be more timely! Creating space for teacher and leader collaboration that is efficient and effective can make all the difference when striving for a well-articulated program where each and every DLI student, teacher, and leader thrives. Thank you for this publication. It will go a long way toward helping leaders and teachers to advocate in their own districts and schools for finding space in an already busy schedule for meaningful collaboration.”

Jon Valentine
Director of World Languages and Dual Language Immersion, Gwinnett County Public Schools

Educators involved in dual language programs will find Collaboration and Co-Teaching for Dual Language Learners:  Transforming Programs for Multilingualism and Equity a much-needed book that guides teachers in how to effectively plan and reflect together.  The many voices represented in the book are refreshing and the research presented is strength-based and highly relevant.  This book is essential reading for teachers in two-teacher dual language programs who share students!

Karen Beeman
Co-Author of Teaching for Biliteracy: Strengthening Bridges between Languages and Co-founder of the Center for Teaching for Biliteracy

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