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Communication Theory and Research

Communication Theory and Research

First Edition
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January 2006 | 320 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
This exciting collection of papers represents some of the finest communications research published during the last decade. To mark the 20th anniversary of the European Journal of Communication, a leading international journal, the editors have selected 21 papers, all of which make significant and valuable interventions in the field of media and communications.

The volume is prefaced with an introduction by the editors and will be a central research text for scholars in this field.

European Journal of Communication

Denis McQuail
Introduction and Overview
Preben Sepstrup
Research into International Television Flows
A Methodological Contribution

Marjorie Ferguson
The Mythology about Globalization
Els De Bens and Hedwig de Smaele
The inflow of American Television Fiction on European Broadcasting Channels Revisited
Klaus Bruhn Jensen and Karl Erik Rosengren
Five Traditions in Search of the Audience
Daniel Biltereyst
Resisting American Hegemony
Denis McQuail
Accountability of Meida to Society
A Reponse

Kees Brants
Who's Afraid of Infotainment?
Jay G Blumler
Political Communication Systems All Change
A Response to Kees Brants

Dafna Lemish and Inbal Barzel
`Four Mothers'
The Womb in the Public Sphere

Jeffery Klaehn
A Critical Review and Assessment of Herman and Chomsky's `Propaganda Model'
Thorbj[um]orn Broddason
The Sacred Side of Professional Journalism
Peter Golding
Telling Stories
Sociology, Journalism and the Informed Citizen

Jo Bardoel
Beyond Journalism
A Profession between Information Society and Civil Society

Tiina Laitila
Journalistic Codes of Ethics in Europe
Rossella Savarese
`Infosuasion' in European Newspapers
A Case Study on War in Kosovo

Olessia Koltsova
News Production in Contemporary Russia
Tamar Liebes and Sonia Livingstone
European Soap Operas
The Diversification of Genre

Liesbet van Zoonen
Gendering the Internet
Claims, Controversies and Cultures

Patrick Vyncke
Lifestyle Segmentation
Baris Kilichay nad Mutlu Binarck
Consumer Culture, Islam and the Politics Lifestyle
Fashion for Veiling in Contemporary Turkey


After reading the book I have released that it is not appropriate for Early Years students. Perhaps it is more relevant for media students.

Ms Eva Mikuska
Childhood Studies (Bishop Otter), Chichester University
April 4, 2013

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